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VirtualLogix Introduces Carrier Grade Virtualization
VirtualLogix™, Inc. today announced Carrier Grade Virtualization, the industry’s first solution that meets the performance, security, serviceability and availability needs of next generation, multicore-based carrier grade systems. VirtualLogix Carrier Grade Virtualization reduces the cost and complexity of maintaining carrier grade properties in edge and core network elements such as IP Multimedia System (IMS) nodes. As a result, networking and telecommunication original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can now reuse existing investments in their carrier grade systems while gaining the benefits of using VirtualLogix VLX real-time virtualization software. These benefits include faster adoption of multicore architectures and consolidation of hardware, reduced bill of materials, increased availability, improved time to market, and more efficient designs as a result.


As networking equipment providers rely on carrier grade redundant systems to provide high availability for their communications equipment, the cost of these systems is generally high, which prevents enterprises from using them. New multicore architectures with carrier grade virtualization now open a path to cost-effective carrier grade systems for the Enterprise. With VirtualLogix Carrier Grade Virtualization, systems demanding service continuity, security, maintainability and high availability can now maintain these attributes as they adopt multicore architectures.


VirtualLogix Carrier Grade Virtualization technology integrates High-Availability (HA) software with real-time virtualization in a multicore environment. It allows HA middleware to manage not only applications and hardware but also virtual machines running their own operating systems. As a result, VirtualLogix Carrier Grade Virtualization provides significant cost savings and reduced time to market by helping system designers introduce virtualization into their existing carrier grade systems while minimizing qualification and validation cycles.


“VirtualLogix’s Carrier Grade Virtualization sets a new standard for network infrastructure systems,” said Peter Richards, VirtualLogix President and CEO. “Leading partners recognize VLX as a recommended virtualization solution for network equipment. Our new focus on Carrier Grade Virtualization highlights the improved performance, dependability and return on investment VLX solutions deliver users across a variety of industries.”


Today, VirtualLogix also announced joining the Service Availability Forum™, which in combination with the Carrier Grade Virtualization solution, underscores the Company’s dedication to delivering advanced virtualization software for the communications industry. VirtualLogix Carrier Grade Virtualization technology is immediately available and integrates VLX NI real-time virtualization software for Network Infrastructure, vHA, a virtualization enabled HA interface, and VLX Developer, a set of configuration, building and monitoring tools. For more information, please contact VirtualLogix or call 408.636.2800.

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