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Virtual Bridges Announces Major Update to VDI Products

Virtual Bridges, a provider of desktop and enterprise virtualization solutions for education and business, announced today the release of a major upgrade to its Win4VDI family of products.  The release Version 5 brings Win4VDI on par with the company's standalone Desktop offerings.

Win4VDI, Virtual Bridges’ Educational/SMB and enterprise product, allows an organization to easily and cost-effectively deliver multiple Windows desktop sessions to PCs, Workstations and thin clients from a non-Windows server such as Linux and Solaris OS.

With this release Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server and Win4Solaris Virtual Desktop Server have been renamed to Win4VDI for consistency with the growing Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) market space that Virtual Bridges founded with their Win4Lin Terminal Server (WTS) products.

Win4VDI products are perfect for the organization looking to lower costs and improve security through centralization of desktop computing resources. Typically, these organizations are looking for alternatives to the expensive, complicated and high overhead offerings from VMware or Citrix. By running Windows desktop sessions on Linux or Solaris OS servers, organizations benefit from the reliability and cost-effectiveness of the base platform but also from the ability to re-host their existing Windows licenses on the server for further cost savings.  Win4VDI products require no expensive Microsoft server infrastructure.

"Win4VDI on Solaris is a great solution for education as it handles rich media much better than Citrix with much less overhead. Also, having a robust, complete commercial solution on Solaris enables us to support Microsoft products on multiple platforms and is very attractive to us," said Ivar Janmaat, CEO of Raywyse B.V.  "Virtual Bridges offers excellent, responsive support, which is also key in choosing a solution that must support over 10000 users."

IT organizations such as Raywyse are well aware of the expensive and inefficient nature of traditional desktop computer management.  Maintaining and upgrading desktop computers physically distributed across an organization is a difficult and slow process that is also not effective for users who find themselves with aging computers with degraded performance.  Win4VDI offers IT organizations the ability to easily deploy “desktop as a service” across the organization for both fixed-function as well as custom desktop users, all from a central location, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of desktop computing.

Using Win4VDI to deliver desktop services allows users their familiar legacy and custom applications without modification and no need for additional user training.

“Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is emerging as the next big growth area in enterprise and SMB computing. The added security, together with centralized deployment and “access anywhere” flexibility, is very attractive to IT shops looking to lower cost but offer a higher level of service to their users. Win4VDI has a long, successful history as a trailblazer in this market category”, said Jim Curtin, president and CEO of Virtual Bridges. “Our version 5 release offers users the power of desktop computing, together with the flexibility and economic value of server-based computing.”

Through Virtual Bridges’ work on virtual desktop computing with hundreds of thousands of users, the company has crafted a product that delivers all of the core features a typical organization would require to accomplish their IT goals. Features like automatic local printing, one-click Windows installation, the ability to integrate with Active Directory, availability of web display or third-party display options, use of write-protected Windows system images for true malware resistance, and integration of RDP support, are just some of the features that combine to put Win4VDI in the lead of the desktop virtualization and consolidation market.

Features of Win4VDI Products include:

·       Dynamic Renewable Desktops for instant deployment and centralized software updates and patches

·       Easy to use and install thanks to powerful management console and comprehensive documentation

·       Seamless remote printing over LAN, WAN, or Internet

·       Highly scalable infrastructure, supporting high server density

·       Powerful new architecture improves performance, scalability, security, and reliability

·       Win4DI for Linux: Works on any 32-bit or 64-bit x86 Linux platform running a 2.6.x kernel

·       Supports connectivity from almost any type of client (PC, thin client, workstation)

·       Centralized management and provisioning of users

·       Consistent user access to personal desktop environment from home, office and other network connected locations.

·       Support for multiple remote display choices - Win4Lin client, NoMachine, LTSP, VNC, and X, for example

·       Increased security and reliability by running on Linux and Solaris servers

·       Lock down Windows read, write and other operations with Linux and Solaris permissions – an administrator's dream!

·       Provide standard application environments to users regardless of desktop hardware and operating system - Windows, UNIX, or Linux on the client, but standard application profile served from Win4VDI servers.

“Having the choice of hosting your virtual desktop infrastructure on either Linux or Solaris gives users great power in avoiding vendor lock-in from VMware or Citrix,” said Dan Perlman, VP of Marketing of Virtual Bridges.  “Win4VDI is at the same time the most mature, yet modern virtual desktop platform on the market today. As organizations continually look to drive structural costs out of their IT budgets, virtual desktop computing has the answers. Centralized management and provisioning and  enhanced security design, make this a very attractive choice for an organization looking to lower costs and increase productivity.”

Win4VDI allows organizations to standardize the application environment to users regardless of desktop hardware and operating system - Windows, UNIX, Linux or Mac can be used on the client, but a common application profile can be created and served from Win4VDI server configurations such as blade servers, rack arrays or large multi-way machines.

Win4VDI products are very popular in the retail, education and health services industries due to its ease in supporting legacy Windows applications for industries that are looking to preserve their application investment while migrating to lower cost operating system infrastructure.

Pricing and Availability

Win4VDI for Linux and Win4VDI for Solaris are available immediately.

Win4VDI is priced at $125 per user with a minimum configuration of 10 seats. Win4VDI for Workgoups, a 10-seat configuration is being offered at a special price of $699 until September 15, 2008.   Please contact Virtual Bridges for volume pricing and educational discounts.

Win4VDI is a no-cost update to existing users of Win4VDI and Virtual Desktop Server.  Registered users please visit to download an update.

For more information and to purchase, please send email to

Published Monday, August 11, 2008 7:50 PM by David Marshall
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