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Unidesk almost out of stealth mode with their virtualization desktop infrastructure solution

Thanks to a valuable reader and community member, has learned that a new virtualization desktop solution is about to come on the scene.  A company called Unidesk appears to be almost out of stealth mode, as their Web site is now online, though not quite completely filled out yet.

In May of this year, Unidesk told the Worcester Business Journal that it had successfully raised a first round funding event of $8.1 million this year from Matrix Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners thanks to the track record of its founders and executives, as well as its product's soundness.  They also told the publication that it would use the funding to gear up work on the product, but it wouldn't discuss the details of the product at that time -- only saying that it involves a radically new way for big companies to virtualize desktop networks.  On August 11, the company opened its new worldwide headquarters located in Marlborough, MA and a branch office in Bangalore, India.

Whether the company meant for the Web site to launch live now or the information leaked out, the Internet is sometimes unforgiving as search engines spider and index things, and the company is now live and online as it continues to build out its Web site presence. 

The company's first product, Unidesk Virtual Desktop Foundation Suite for VMware, is described the following way:

Unidesk’s virtual desktop foundation suites and "Desktop Management 2.0" product family provide IT with unprecedented control over desktop operating systems and applications, while giving knowledge workers the most personal desktop computing experience available at hardware and support price points normally associated with thin client computing.

Through Composite Virtualization technology, which separates the desktop computer into operating system, application, and user layers, each of which can be managed and delivered independently and re-assembled on-demand at run-time, Unidesk reconciles IT’s need for centralized desktop control with the business’ need to support different types of users and their varying personal settings, applications, and documents.

And a company overview reads:

Unidesk is changing the landscape of enterprise desktop management with our comprehensive suite of virtual desktop lifecycle management software.  With Unidesk solutions, the same IT effort needed to provision, patch, manage, and secure a single Windows-based desktop will now do the same for thousands of thick and thin clients.  To the user, however, the PC will remain personal, with complete control over desktop, applications and data.


Building on a core invention called Composite Virtualization™, Unidesk will offer IT organizations the desktop control they’ve been seeking to reduce costs, improve service levels, and tighten security, while, at the same time, give lines of business the desktop freedom they require to maximize knowledge worker innovation and productivity. Unidesk’s family of “Desktop Management 2.0™” solutions will provide the highly efficient image management, application delivery, and personalization capabilities that are currently missing from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) products from VMware and Citrix, and extend these same capabilities to non-VDI-based laptops and thick desktops so IT can easily support off-network computing.  By eliminating the barriers to VDI adoption and enabling all desktops to be virtualized under a common management platform, Unidesk’s game-changing technology will accelerate the multi-billion dollar desktop virtualization market, and deliver significant returns to employees, investors, customers, and business partners.


Published Thursday, August 14, 2008 5:45 AM by David Marshall
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