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Aonix Ports Deterministic Virtual Machine to PikeOS
Aonix®, the provider of the PERC product line for embedded and real-time Java developers, released PERC Ultra 5.1 cross development and target support on Sysgos PikeOS 2.2 real-time operating system. PERC Ultra support of the PikeOS POSIX PSE52 profile provides a solution for the increasing need for portability across multiple operating systems as industries such as military and aerospace, transportation, telecommunications, automotive and industrial automation, face the massive challenge of maintaining legacy systems. The deterministic behavior and real-time performance of Aonixs PERC Ultra meets the stringent requirements of these applications and enables developers to apply Javas portability to their modernizing efforts.

Because of the POSIX interface, the PERC Ultra-PikeOS solution is particularly attractive for applications requiring scalability and portability. The POSIX PSE52 profile adds asynchronous IO and socket communicationsfeatures that Java programmers need to design effective Standard Edition Java embedded and real-time applications.

Thanks to Eclipse plug-ins in both PERC Ultra and PikeOS, Aonix and Sysgo also provide maximum flexibility to developers. With the large-scale, complex applications common in safety-critical space, applications often involve diverse design, development and test tools. The Eclipse environment provides a common framework and development platform, reducing the learning curve and offering developers the widest variety of tools possible.

PERC Ultra has extended the portability of the POSIX interface wonderfully for a number of joint customer applications, noted Jacques Brygier, marketing vice president at Sysgo. The speed and real-time behavior of PERC has enabled our customers to update legacy code and bring together multiple execution environments often based on more than one real-time operating system. And, thanks to our mutual support of Eclipse, customers are able to enjoy a large breadth of tool support and flexibility.

The need to reduce cost and ongoing maintenance of software has created a drive to modernize legacy code, confirmed Gary Cato, Aonix director of marketing. With PERC Ultra ported to PikeOS, application developers can introduce the Java benefits of portability and ease of maintenance throughout their code. We look forward to continuing our joint efforts as we extend our current offerings into the multipartitioned space.

Efforts to integrate a multipartitioned solution are well underway. Chosen to participate in DIANA, an European Community project chartered to modernize the tools and execution environments used in hard real-time and safety-certifiable avionics systems, Aonix and Sysgo are already working toward extending the portable operating system interface to meet the ARINC-653 standard, a multipartition execution environment. The DIANA project will develop architecture, methodologies and concepts that reduce aircraft development and operating costs, enable faster upgrade and replacement of avionics applications, and reduce onboard weight through better use of computational resources. The DIANA project has chosen PERC Ultra, PERC Pico and PikeOS as essential components to the modular electronics platform under development.

Published Tuesday, September 02, 2008 5:36 AM by David Marshall
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