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VMware Announces vClient Initiative to Expand Virtual Desktops to Universal Clients -- Desktops that Follow the User to Any Location
Today at VMworld 2008, VMware, Inc. (NYSE:VMW), the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter, further extended its leadership position by announcing its vClient Initiative aimed at delivering universal clients desktops that follow users to any end point while providing a rich personalized experienced that is secure, cost effective and easy for IT to manage. The first step of the initiative is the roll out of VMware View a set of products that extend VMwares Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions to include both server hosted virtual desktops and client virtual desktops that can run on any laptop or desktop computer.

VMware View is a portfolio of products that will give end users a single view of all their applications and data in a familiar, personalized environment myview that is available from any device and any location. With VMware View, enterprises can achieve greater flexibility, reliability, efficiency and security managing desktops and applications.

The vClient Initiative also includes several new desktop virtualization technologies previewed at VMworld which VMware will introduce in 2009. These new technologies include client virtualization, image management (available as VMware View Composer) and offline desktop. Together these technologies provide key components of VMware View that will make desktops, applications and user profiles secure, easy-to-manage, and fully mobile. Industry leaders including Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, NEC, Sun and Wyse Technology have embraced and endorsed VMwares vision for the universal client and the value it will provide in extending virtualization benefits from the datacenter to the desktop.

The desktop of the future will not be a single device like a laptop or a thin client it will be all the richness and personalization of their desktop experience accessible from any location, said Paul Maritz, president and chief executive officer, VMware. Users want a desktop that follows them wherever they go while IT wants to manage those environments securely, cost effectively, and more easily than they do today. VMware is addressing both ends of the spectrum with our vClient Initiative and our new VMware View product portfolio will satisfy both stakeholders priorities. Users will be able to view their desktop running remotely in the datacenter or running locally on any device. At the same time, IT administrators will be able to manage, update, and secure all of these desktops centrally with greater flexibility and scalability than what is possible today.

VMware Simplifies Desktop Management

VMware View products encapsulate the operating system, applications, and user data into isolated layers, giving organizations the ability to change, update and deploy each element independently, for greater business agility and easier management. Additional technologies that will help simplify desktop management include:

  • Client Virtualization, which runs on laptop and desktop computers and provides a robust layer that tightly manages user devices cost-effectively while providing a PC-like end-user experience. Client virtualization will also provide a centralized management solution to administer, deploy and update applications and operating system images across desktops and laptops.
  • VMware View Composer, an advanced desktop image management solution, allows customers to reduce storage requirements by up to 90 percent while reducing desktop provisioning time from hours to just minutes. VMware View Composer will make updating and patching seamless to desktop users and efficient for IT administrators while retaining individual user data and settings. Now IT staff can streamline management and manage thousands of desktops while guaranteeing that all use systems are up to date.
  • Offline Desktop provides an innovative new way for organizations to operate in a virtual desktop environment by enabling users to access their server hosted desktops offline. Offline Desktop will let users run their virtual desktops locally for the best user experience, while simplifying life for IT staff by enabling desktops, whether run locally or centrally, to be managed through the same administration framework.

"With today's product announcement of VMware View as a universal client solution, VMware is extending its thought leadership in desktop virtualization by adding client virtualization to provide centralized management to decentralized users, said Mark Bowker, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. VMware is positioning itself to lead this new category by providing a combined client and server desktop virtualization solution on a single platform. By combining client virtualization with new products and features such as VMware View Composer and offline desktops, VMware is showing its commitment to providing customers with a universal client that delivers the best end user experience while minimizing costs and simplifying management of desktops and applications."

VMwares award-winning desktop virtualization infrastructure is already gaining traction in the market and delivering benefits in large-scale deployments, with many customers running thousands of VMware virtual desktops. VMwares vClient initiative will provide customers with even greater ease-of-use, reliability, flexibility and security. Customers are lining up in support of the vision and todays announcements:

Jewelry Television provides our customers with a fast, easy and convenient way to shop for fine jewelry and gemstones, said Wesley Baker, VMware architect, Jewelry Television. Our online shopping site runs around the clock, and VMwares desktop virtualization gives us the flexibility and reliability we need to support 24/7 operations.

"VMware virtual desktops have streamlined the deployment and management of desktops to our staff, and we're confident that its robust desktop technology will keep our patient information safe," said Chris House, senior network analyst, MetroHealth. "From doctors and nurses accessing medical records from any thin client workstation, to technicians who view X-rays, to professional staff accessing any of our 450+ applications, all of our users on VMware virtual desktops."

VMware also works with numerous ecosystem partners to embrace and extend its client virtualization solution:

The experience with first joint customers of VMware and Fujitsu Siemens Computer shows that IT organizations can dramatically increase the quality of service to their PC users, said Dr. Joseph Reger, chief technology officer, Fujitsu Siemens Computers. Under the umbrella of Dynamic IT for Workplaces, Fujitsu Siemens Computers has created pre-integrated solution stacks based on VDI and complementary technologies and services for consulting, design, implementation and operation, as well as services to calculate the return on investment. This is in order to help customers benefit earlier from innovative VMware technologies, to decrease time and risk for first projects and to help overcome lack of skills."

Customers are increasingly using virtualization to deliver lower costs and reduced risks to the business, as virtualization moves from being a tactical technology towards becoming a key transformation strategy, said Roberto Moctezuma, vice president, desktop solutions Organization, HP. HP has a history of collaborating with VMware to develop products and services across our portfolio that not only help customers realize the full value of VMware virtualization, but also help them accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Thin client computing has promised the benefits of increased data security, decreased IT spending and environmental savings, said Marc Hafner, vice president, departmental servers, NEC Corporation of America. NEC supports VMware View as part of our Virtual PC Center, which is designed to break the barriers to adoption by delivering a complete solution that can truly begin to replace traditional PCs.

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