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vOptimizer Pro Tackles Virtual Infrastructure Storage Sprawl
At VMworld 2008, Vizioncore Inc., the market leader in server virtualization management, today announced the next generation of optimization product, with the introduction of vOptimizer Pro. vOptimizer Pro enables customers to reclaim over-allocated and unused space in Windows virtual machines. vOptimizer Pro automates storage reclamation from Windows guest operating systems in order to reduce storage requirements and improve virtual machine performance.

Typically 50 to 80 percent of a virtual machines footprint is unused space allocated at the initial point of provisioning. vOptimizer Pro allows customers to reclaim this storage capacity by inspecting the virtual machines file system and subsequently resizing the partition and streamlining the guest operating system. Freespace quotas allow administrators to specify the amount of storage headroom required by different categories of virtual machines. These are rules which can automatically reduce and/or increase volume size.

Virtualized storage can often be one of the most expensive components of a virtual infrastructure, but customers continue to rely on a lot of educated guess work to predict their storage requirements, said Chris Akerberg President & Chief Operating Officer of Vizioncore. It can also be difficult and time consuming for customers to properly manage and maintain their storage deployments, leading to significant cost for storage that can be reclaimed and reallocated with this solution. vOptimizer Pro allows IT administrators to automate ongoing housekeeping on their virtualized storage infrastructure, creating highly optimized virtual machines which have smaller footprints and deliver improved performance.

vOptimizer Pro allows customers to:

1. Optimize use of shared storage resources By reclaiming storage capacity, vOptimizer Pro allows IT departments to re-use those resources for other valuable initiatives, such as disaster recovery and test & development.

2. Reduce Enterprise Storage costs Virtual machines can be provisioned with the click of a button, making it very easy for infrastructures to grow rapidly and putting a significant strain on costly storage resources. The ROI on storage reclamation using vOptimizer Pro can be easily calculated: An average resize typically reduces a virtual machines size by 50% - therefore a 20 GB virtual machine will be resized to 10 GB, saving 10GB. At a nominal price of $5/GB this would equate to savings of $50 per virtual machine, which can add up to significant savings in environments of hundreds of VMs.

3. Improve virtual machine portability and accelerate disaster recovery Many of the benefits associated with virtualization can be attributed to the fact that virtual machines can be copied, stored and moved around the network like a standard file. By creating more streamlined virtual machines, vOptimizer Pro ensures a higher level of workload portability within the virtual infrastructure. Tasks such as backup & recovery and replication are also accelerated.

4. Lower IT maintenance overheads - IT admins are often faced with the task of reducing or increasing the volume and VMDK size of a running VM manually typically an extremely difficult and time consuming task. vOptimizer Pro automates this cumbersome procedure completely.

Vizioncore vOptimizer Pro will be available in October 2008 from Vizioncores worldwide channel partner network. vOptimizer Pro is available at an introductory price of $495 per 5 VM license.

Published Tuesday, September 16, 2008 8:18 PM by David Marshall
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