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Why is Virtualization Congress 2008 Cancelled?

As VMworld continues to grow each year with more and more exhibitors, sponsors and attendees, it is evident that virtualization as a technology is taking hold and becoming part of the mainstream IT world.  The show welcomes newbies, experts and veterans alike - and this year, more than 14,000 people converged on the event in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the virtual enthusiasm may have died down after VMworld.  It seems as though the next virtualization event,'s Virtualization Congress 2008 has been cancelled.  And there was a lot of hard work and effort put into creating this event.  

Evidently, it is being cancelled because of low registration and a tough macro-economic climate.  And it's a shame too, because the event was being backed by a number of big names in the industry, with nearly 30 sponsors willing to pony up to help support the show.  That's a clear sign that the vendor community is ready for an independent virtualization event, and after listening to the folks on the show room floor at VMworld, attendees are ready for something new and different as well. 

As virtualization continues to mature, show goers are looking for something more than just marketing slides and case studies.  People understand the value the solution brings, now they want more meat with their potatoes.  At VMworld, people were climbing over one another to get a chance to attend a hands-on lab session.  There just weren't enough of these to go around.  Hands-on labs have become the hot, fast selling ticket at VMworld.  It isn't enough anymore to just explain the benefits or give the high level overviews.  Technical deep dive sessions are in demand.  One-on-one technical discussions are being searched out!  "Give me how-to sessions" has become the battle-cry for many.  And rightfully so! 

So, it's tough to see a new upcoming show like Virtualization Congress cancel like that.  Perhaps part of it is timing as well.  With people traveling and dropping cash and time away from the office to get to Las Vegas only a month earlier, some may have had difficulty convincing the boss that it was time to attend yet another virtualization event so quickly.

Have things matured to the point where we need to have a more technical deep dive, more one-on-one discussions, and more hands-on lab experiences?  I think so.  Do you?  What caused this event to get cancelled?  Why the lack of attendees?

Published Tuesday, September 23, 2008 6:37 PM by David Marshall
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Virtualization Congress 2008: Cancelled, Or Merely Postponed? | - (Author's Link) - September 24, 2008 3:39 AM
jrr001 - (Author's Link) - September 24, 2008 10:12 AM

I think it was too close to VMworld and trying to repeat already what VMworld is doing both here in the US and with the VMworld Europe event.

I think VMware really did a great job this year with VMworld by:

• Showing the vision of the company and their future roadmap

• Showing some WOW with the new features

• Showing how they see virtualization is evolving and the next problem areas in business/IT it can help solve

• Showing growing partnerships because as they admit they can’t do it all alone

• Showing the problems they see virtualization tackling next

• Showing eagerness for new ideas and suggestions from customers, vendors, partners

• Having more technical deep-dives

• Having more one-on-one discussions

• They made more Hands-on and Instructor led LAB time—so we can try out the products (they did much better this year with 160 instructor led labs, 30 hours of self-paced labs)

• They are moving  to more open standards

• They are opening up APIs in several areas for partners & vendors to be able to plug-in to the framework and take advantage too of a Virtual Datacenter OS

• They practice what they have been preaching: good move in moving vCenter to be a virtual appliance and multi-platform

Andrew Storrs - September 24, 2008 11:37 AM

I would love to see a vendor-neutral conference for server virtualization and datacenter optimizations that was much more technical in nature. Something like a BriForum for VMware/Hyper-V/XenServer/VirtualIron, etc.

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