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VMware ACE 2.5 Released

VMware has released an update to VMware ACE, reaching version 2.5.  The new product has the following enhancements: 

Security Enhancements  

  • Kiosk mode — When an ACE instance runs in kiosk mode, the user cannot access the host system at all.
  • Built-in keystroke-logging detection — Keystroke logging is a method of recording user keystrokes, including determining user passwords. You can now configure runtime settings so that if certain classes of keyloggers are suspected, the end user is notified or the virtual machine exits immediately. The event is also logged.

Usability Enhancements  

  • ACE instance creation — The process of creating virtual machines for end users is now simpler and more intuitive. The required tasks are clearly ordered and made available on the summary view for an ACE-enabled virtual machine. The concept of an ACE master has been removed in favor of simply enabling ACE features for a virtual machine.
  • Configure which network adapter to use for automatic bridging — If the host has multiple physical network adapters, you can specify, for example, that only the wireless adapter should be used, or that a wireless adapter should be used if available, or that only an adapter with a specific device name should be used.

Pocket ACE Improvements  

  • New Pocket ACE cache and exit behavior settings — You can now configure runtime settings so that Pocket ACE files are always kept on the USB device and never cached on the host computer. This feature is convenient if disk space on the host is very limited or if the files must remain only on the USB device for security reasons. You can also configure exit behavior so that when users power off a virtual machine, changes are automatically synchronized with the host.
  • Improved Pocket ACE performance — The time it takes to synchronize a Pocket ACE with the host during power off has been greatly reduced.

Download and find out more about VMware ACE 2.5.

Published Wednesday, September 24, 2008 12:47 PM by David Marshall
VMware Releases Server 2.0, Workstation 6.5, ACE 2.5 | - (Author's Link) - September 28, 2008 3:20 PM
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