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SAVVIS Selects Parallels to Support ISVs Migrating to SaaS

SAVVIS, Inc., a global leader in IT infrastructure services for business and government applications, today announced a business alliance with virtualization and automation software provider, Parallels. The alliance enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to rapidly convert their single-tenancy applications to operate in a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment without having to re-architect their software.

Combining SAVVIS' existing global hosting and network infrastructure with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers virtualization and Parallels Automation, the alliance creates a comprehensive SaaS IT infrastructure service delivery platform (announced separately today). This enables independent software vendors to build, deploy, and support their SaaS applications. Software that was not originally intended to be offered in the SaaS model is made "hostable" quickly and simply, without any re-programming or architectural changes. The combined solution enables ISVs, many of whom developed their software applications on Microsoft technologies, to rapidly deliver their applications in a SaaS delivery model.

"Microsoft is excited to support SAVVIS, one of the largest providers of complex managed hosting and IT infrastructure solutions, and Parallels, one of the world's leading SaaS virtualization and automation companies.The alliance of two such well-established players offers ISVs the expertise and security to capitalize on the industry momentum towards a SaaS delivery model," said Greg Urquhart, General Manager US ISV and National SI Organization for Microsoft Corporation. "With this turnkey solution, Microsoft's ISV partners can rapidly deploy their legacy applications in a SaaS delivery model in a trusted, secure environment.Key benefits to ISVs are shorter time to market, reduced risk and lower investment."

The Parallels-based components of the new platform include:

  • Parallels Virtuozzo Containers -- The leading operating system (OS) virtualization solution, enabling ISVs to simultaneously run multiple instances of a single-tenant application in fully isolated and secure production environments called "containers". In SaaS deployments, all virtual servers are likely to be running the same applications on the same platform, so OS-level server virtualization is an ideal fit as the containers all use the resources of the underlying host system and do not need their own individual operating system. Not only does this offer a higher possible number of virtual servers per physical box, it also reduces the management burden as updates and patches only need to be applied to the host and all containers can be updated automatically. Due to the higher density of application instances (typically more than three times the amount achieved with hypervisor virtualization solutions), Parallels Virtuozzo Containers eliminates the cost and time associated with having to re-architect applications for multi-tenancy, which is critical for SaaS enablement.
  • Parallels Automation -- Software solutions for delivering a fully-automated platform supporting ISVs and their end-users. The platform consists of server and infrastructure management, account provisioning, application deployment, service plan creation and management, billing, payment gateways and end-user self service web portals. These features reduce the IT resources necessary to support a traditional software sale and support model. Key to this solution, end-users are able to order, maintain, and pay for services online so that the decision to buy or upgrade results in immediate service delivery.

"Many ISVs want to meet customer demand for software offered as a service, but for those that don't have existing multi-tenant capabilities this can be an expensive and time-intensive process, requiring significant rewrites of application code. As a result, these ISVs cannot capitalize on SaaS to expand their business or grow their revenue," said Michael Gold, Senior Vice President at Parallels. "However, with the SAVVIS-Parallels alliance, thousands of ISVs are now able to deploy a completely managed hosting solution that includes a full suite of automated, flexible service delivery features and SaaS-optimized virtualization to rapidly meet the demands of a growing customer base looking to benefit from software as a service."

Prospects interested in testing can request a 60-day trial to gain a better understanding of the Parallels solution. For more information or to register for a trial, contact

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