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VirtualLogix and 6WIND Form Strategic Partnership
As a result of a new strategic partnership with 6WIND, a leader in embedded multicore networking software, VirtualLogix, Inc. today announced the industrys first solution allowing network equipment providers (NEPs) to bring advanced network elements such as 4G wireless base stations or smart media gateways to market faster, ultimately speeding the delivery of Internet Protocol (IP) multimedia services to end-users.

The solution, featuring 6WINDGate multicore networking software suites, together with VirtualLogix VLX virtualization and Linux running natively on Texas Instruments (TI) C6000 multicore Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), allows multi-plane consolidation, resulting in a reduced bill of materials and lower power consumption. It is the first solution of its kind that allows NEPs to easily integrate optimized IP networking protocol stacks into designs based on TI multicore DSPs.

Network equipment providers use a large number of multicore DSPs in network elements such as WiMAX base stations or media gateways, said Eric Carmès, CEO for 6WIND. The support of 6WINDGate on VirtualLogix software for TI DSP opens new opportunities for network equipment providers, allowing them access to the flexibility necessary to develop new cost-sensitive network elements and reduce their time to market.

The ability to integrate complete L2/L3 networking functions into a DSP platform becomes critically important as the industry further adopts multicore DSPs. In partnering with 6WIND, VirtualLogix is further strengthening its commitment to developing solutions that address the demand for compressed voice, video and data over IP. The 6WINDGate software suite has been designed to provide a ready-to-use, scalable, modular and portable networking software solution for most advanced hardware architectures including multicore processors.

Performance per watt is becoming a key design factor for network equipment providers and cost-effective gateways are more and more critical in the deployment of the IP multimedia core network subsystem, said Didier Irlande, Senior Marketing Manager at VirtualLogix. VirtualLogix and 6WIND have joined forces to create an innovative solution to lower the total cost of ownership of IP gateways while offering new capabilities at the system level.

VirtualLogixs VLX for Network Infrastructure supporting Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processor allows running Linux and TI DSP/BIOS simultaneously on high performance TI DSP processors. With VirtualLogix VLX on TI DSP, network equipment manufacturers can combine the richness of open source software with the real-time capabilities of TI DSP/BIOS getting the flexibility necessary to develop new network elements, such as 3G/4G base stations or smart media servers and gateways. VLX provides the capability to integrate required signal processing applications with advanced platform management, control, and debug solutions all without adding another specific board or processor.

Published Tuesday, September 30, 2008 10:28 PM by David Marshall
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