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Redmond Magazine's 2008 Readers' Choice Awards for Virtualization - Confusing?

Color me confused, but Redmond Magazine just announced the 2008 Readers' Choice Awards and had two virtualization categories.  Someone please tell me I'm reading this thing all wrong... it is possible!  Something just doesn't seem right here.

In the virtualization category:

Best Virtual Server Product

VMWare GSX Server - Triple Crown Winner

Microsoft Virtual PC - Preferred Product


Best Virtual PC Product

VMWare Workstation - Triple Crown Winner

Microsoft Virtual PC - Preferred Product

The explanation for what a Triple Crown Winner is below.  But basically, a product that has won at least three consecutive times.  Really?  Best Virtual Server Product and Microsoft Virtual PC was selected?  Is this a typo?  Did they mean Microsoft Virtual Server R2 or something?  I'm not alone here, am I?  Virtual PC is NOT a server class virtualization platform. 

And wasn't VMware GSX Server ended when VMware Server came out in 2006?   Was ESX not in the running here?  Strange.

I also find it odd that Microsoft Virtual PC was selected over VMware Workstation.  Maybe it's because of the cost?  Free is good after all.  Maybe people prefer free?  I've been using Virtual PC since it was a Connectix product, but it doesn't have all the gadgetry that Workstation has.  Again, it is free though.  So... Anyway, hey, at least it is in the right category this time.  See?  Virtual PC Product.  Not Server.  Oh well.

Here it is: 

Redmond magazine has announced the winners of its annual Redmond Readers Choice Awards. The 2008 Winner and Preferred Product awards, which appear in the November issue, are presented to vendors in more than 40 different categories of product, ranging from anti-virus and network management to firewalls and backup utilities.

In 2008, Redmond has added another award to its Readers Choice lineup. The Redmond Triple Crown award recognized products that have won a minimum of three consecutive Readers Choice Winner honors. Redmond developed the Triple Crown in order to recognize products that impress our readers year after year after year.

Certain products have obviously gained our readers trust and confidence over the years, and readers have rewarded those products with multiple Readers Choice Winner awards, said Lee Pender, executive editor of Redmond, who coordinated this years awards issue. We felt that those products that have dominated their categories for three years in a row deserved an extra level of recognition, so we invented the Redmond Triple Crown award. It adds another level of distinction to the already prestigious Readers Choice honor.

The Redmond Readers Choice Awards are truly the voice of our readers. First, the Readers Choice survey form is sent out to thousands of readers. Responses are collected during a two-week period. After gathering all the results, a team of editors examines the rankings looking for any unusual patterns. Once theyre satisfied that the list is a clean and accurate representation of our readers true favorites, we post the results.

The full article is available online at:

Published Friday, October 31, 2008 6:11 PM by David Marshall
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mikedatl - (Author's Link) - November 3, 2008 9:11 AM

Very odd indeed. As I recall REdmond will not award a product that has won several times. Maybe we've gotten to the point that the only thing that hasn't won in the past and is eligible is Virtual PC.

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