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TechTarget Acquires The Brian Madden Company

In case you hadn't heard the news yet, The Brian Madden Company has just been acquired by TechTarget, Inc.  Madden has been covering Citrix technology for a while now, even before the whole Virtualization craze when it was just plain old application presentation -- not quite as cool as today's application virtualization bucket. 

If you have any skin in the game of desktop virtualization, I'm sure you've heard of Brian Madden, his web site, or his independent deskop virtualization conference held in Chicago - The BriForum event.  Madden is also known for publishing virtualization books such as the popular VI3: Advanced Technical Design Guide from Herold, Oglesby, and Laverick.

So what happens next?  Still a bit unclear, we do know from the press release that TechTarget released that they intend to make the acquisition a part of TechTarget's portfolio... obviously.  But what the Web site and the forum become is a wait and see, I suppose. 

Jonathan Brown, Publisher of TechTarget Windows Media said, "This site and conference will enhance our coverage of the virtualization market, giving us a clear lead in delivering the information that technology professionals need. We have the largest audience that Virtualization vendors are trying to reach. and BriForum '09 will complement existing TechTarget websites,, and as well as the expert led seminars on desktop and server virtualization which will be continuing throughout 2009." 

Hopefully, Madden continues to play a huge role after the completion of this acquisition.  I wish him the best and thank him for his contribution to the virtualization community thus far. 

Stay tuned!

Published Wednesday, November 19, 2008 12:15 PM by David Marshall
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