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Taking Virtualization Conferences Online to the Virtual World

The concept and idea of bringing virtualization users online into a virtual world seems logical, doesn't it?  Who better to appreciate the virtual than a virtualization administrator?  Online worlds are growing all around us, whether playing something like World of Warcraft, interacting in Second Life, or just interacting in community forums to help other members out. 

So why not use the Internet to bring people together for a trade show or conference?  The idea of a conference is to bring people together, to learn, exchange ideas, showcase technologies, etc.  Today's technology is both cost-effective and universally accessible.  And the convenience factor is huge!  Not having to take off of work for days at a time or not having to beg employers to cover the cost of flight, hotel, conference admission, and other expenses is a huge win as well.  And online worlds now have the ability to host many of the same things we have come to expect from our in person conferences.  We can leverage the Web to be a stage for keynotes and presentations.  We have chat rooms and media available for roundtable discussions and panel forums.  And I've also seen the convenience of quickly setting up and leaving up a virtual exhibit hall, where vendors can provide a similar experience to interested participants that they offer with a physical booth.

In today's economy, we've already witnessed a number of virtualization trade shows get cancelled or postponed because of economic conditions and lack of audience participation.  The costs associated with putting on a conference are getting out of hand.  Moving things online takes away many of those costs associated with convention centers, equipment, staffing costs, and the many other expenses that are involved with getting a conference successfully off the ground.  Because of that, virtual conferences are increasing in numbers. 

One company taking advantage of the flexibility that a virtual show provides is Citrix.  On December 4th, the company is launching its second online event - Citrix Delivery Center Live!  The event will showcase how you can simplify, accelerate and enhance your IT infrastructure.  Without having to leave your desk, you can find out more about the newest versions of Citrix XenServer, NetScaler and XenDesktop. 

This virtual event will explore key topics:

  • Double Your XenApp Efficiency with XenServer 5
  • Maximize the Value of XenDesktop with XenServer
  • Change the Game in Virtualization with XenServer 5
  • Dramatically Reduce VDI Storage Costs
  • Make Web 2.0 Projects Easy with NetScaler 9
  • Slash Web Costs by 60% with NetScaler
  • Make Remote Users More Productive

Throughout the day, you can:

  • Attend keynote sessions with live Q&A
  • Chat live with Citrix product experts
  • Participate in forums and network with other attendees
  • View content online and download information
  • Visit the expo hall to learn about key Citrix products and joint partner solutions
  • Connect with Citrix Partners to learn about solutions to enhance your virtualization experience

So sign up and participate in this online virtualization event from Citrix.  No airports, no expense reports, no begging for time off.  Virtually painless!

Hurry up, it takes place on December 4th which is right around the corner.  Registration is free!

Register for Citrix Delivery Center Live here.

Published Tuesday, December 02, 2008 5:21 AM by David Marshall
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on24 - (Author's Link) - December 3, 2008 10:51 AM

David, you raise a very good point about virtual conferences. We're seeing a trend that will only increase as this perfect storm of economy, cost cutting, time savings, etc. continues - and not just in the virtualization space.

Another possibility is cutting back on the number of in-person events and augmenting them with online ones instead. This way, when you do have an in-person conference, it's more impactful. Or you can hold smaller regional get togethers. The options are limitless!

Cece Salomon-Lee

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