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VMware Officially Launches vExpert Program

VMware has officially announced a new program to award virtualization community contributors and they are calling it vExpert.

Yes, I wrote about the vExpert program yesterday, but last night VMware's John Troyer decided to pop the news officially on VMware's blog site -- so there is new information to share.

John writes:

VMware is very proud to introduce the VMware vExpert Awards. The VMware vExpert Awards will be given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the overall community of VMware users over the past year, either online or offline. You might be contributing online to blogs, forums, wikis, or other online sites. You might be organizing VMUG meetings or otherwise getting the word out to local IT professionals. You're helping spread the word about virtualization and making people successful in deploying this game-changing technology. We want to thank you.

Here is the nomination form. You can nominate yourself or someone else. We're also taking nominations from people and programs within VMware, so you actually don't even have to nominate yourself and you still could wake up one day with an award. You might want to fill out the form anyway, because we may not be aware of everything you're doing.


The vExpert award is not any sort of technical certification like VCP, and in fact vExpert isn't really about your raw technical expertise at all. However, the people who get this kind of award tend to both (1) display a lot of technical expertise as they help others; and (2) work their tails off in the community on top of their day jobs.

The VMware vExpert program will likely get talked about as "VMware's MVP," and while we'd like to acknowledge inspiration from Microsoft's very successful program, please don't compare them directly. Microsoft MVP has been going on for over a decade and includes a 4-day conference -- and the vExpert won't even get you a free ticket to VMworld! :-) Our first goal simply is to publicly thank you and acknowledge all the hard work you've been doing on behalf of virtualization and VMware. That being said, when you get this award you'll be visible to various teams inside VMware and may be tapped to participate in various activities.

Ok, so I was off comparing it to Microsoft's MVP program.  At least, in so much that there is no special conference, no free tickets, etc.  But it does give recognition to what people have done and are doing by helping to build a community, spread the word of virtualization, and help others.  From about 2000 to 2004, virtualization was very much a grass roots effort.  And even though most of the known world now knows about the technology, grass root efforts still exist, and are extremely powerful.  And VMware recognizes that.

So go nominate someone today!  Look to the blogosphere, check out the book stores and the online and print magazine pubs, check out VMware's Community Forum or your local VMUG, look within your own organization, find someone who shared their automation, scripting, programming skills with the community to make your virtualization life easier!  Check out the blog links on my home page for other bloggers.  There is certainly no shortage of folks who have contributed to the community.  So your job of nomination is easy!  It's the judges or selection committee that has a difficult task.  ;) 

Nominations end on Feb. 6th, 2009.

Published Thursday, January 15, 2009 6:28 AM by David Marshall
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