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Managing Virtual Machines from your Mobile Device

As a virtualization administrator, have you ever had the need to check out your virtual environment while on the go?  Need to stop, start, suspend or restart one of your virtual machines while at lunch?  Virtual environments wait for nobody.  So what do you do if you aren't in front of your terminal when someone calls with a problem?

A friend of mine, of and of the virtualization community at large, Andrew Kutz is back at it again.  You might remember Andrew and Lostcreations best by his fantastic series of VMware VirtualCenter Plug-Ins or his VirtualCenter Plug-In How-To documentation.  You know, the stuff that explained it all even before VMware was ready to release the cat out of the bag?  Yup, that's the guy.

Well Andrew and Lostcreations is back, this time with something called Virtualization Manager Mobile or VMM for short.  I must admit, I keep finding myself calling it Virtualization Mobile Manager... Manager Mobile just seemed flipped around to me.  ;)

Good news, the first Beta of this new VMM creation is now ready for public download and consumption.  This current Beta build allows you to manage and monitor your virtual host servers and virtual machines from within your mobile device.  It monitors both the host server and virtual machine CPU and memory utilization, and what's really cool is that you can start, stop, suspend or restart your virtual machines right from your handheld device. 

The product leverages the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and was built using Lostcreation's Unified Virtualization API (UAPI).  And it currently works with mobile browsers that support AJAX and cookies, and looks best at a font size of 2pt or 256pt.  I've tried it on my BlackBerry Curve with two different browsers.  Opera Mini seemed to get me closer, but I coudn't get to the login screen of the demo.  Andrew is aware that some devices are not working, but people who have tried it with the iPhone have had a lot of success so far.  Makes me want to give up the Blackberry and get an iPhone!

VMM installs on a Windows, OS X or Linux environment, supports VMware Infrastructure 3.x (VI3.x) and VMware Server 2.  And don't worry, if you have a heterogeneous environment or virtualize with something other than VMware, Andrew said that a future Beta will add support for Citrix XenServer 5 and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Go download the Beta of Virtualization Manager Mobile now at lostcreations, or try out an online demo of the product using vmmdemo/vmmdemo as your login credentials.




Published Saturday, January 17, 2009 7:55 AM by David Marshall
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