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Nemonix Engineering Launches Technology Refresh Program for VAX and AlphaServers
Nemonix Engineering, Inc., a leading provider of solutions and services that restore legacy computer systems to virtually new machines, announced today a Technology Refresh program that dramatically extends the life and return on investment (ROI) of legacy VAX and AlphaServers and puts these extremely reliable computer systems under brand-new factory warranty. During challenging economic times, the program enables companies to not only leverage their existing investments in computer technology, but also receive new capabilities and state-of-the-art computer technology that enables them to avoid the time and cost of porting to new systems.

The Technology Refresh program also supports companies’ green IT initiatives since it enables them to maximize use of existing computer systems and replaces components of legacy computer systems with more energy-efficient parts.

Under the Technology Refresh program, Nemonix Engineering identifies every known component in a customer’s VAX or AlphaServer that is subject to wear-out and replaces those parts with Nemonix Engineering’s own brand-new technology to completely refresh the legacy systems. It is well-known that aging disk drives, for example, show an increased failure rate over newer drives. Unlike legacy computer resellers or maintenance providers who may use end-of-life components and drives, Nemonix Engineering’s Technology Refresh program returns the computer systems to brand-new specifications using brand-new parts and puts them back under Nemonix’s own factory warranty. The upgrades are totally compatible with the existing technology and require no modifications or upgrades.

“In these uncertain times, companies have to take a long hard look at every dollar spent, and executives are seizing every opportunity to extend the ROI of their existing systems,” said Beth Bumbarger, President and CEO of Nemonix Engineering Inc. “The cost of migrating from a legacy system to a new system includes the cost of new machines, licensing, installation, software rewrites, removal of old systems, migration of data and records and additional training. In many cases the actual cost of the total package can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Bumbarger added, “Legacy computer systems that have been inaccurately diagnosed as end of life have achieved near legendary status for their dependability, reliability and security. The Technology Refresh program doesn’t simply ‘refurbish’ aging equipment, but it restores them to brand new systems, and they have one huge advantage over any newer system on the market today: In most cases they are paid for.”

With the Technology Refresh program, Nemonix Engineering ships a customer’s VAX or AlphaServer to its own plant to thoroughly inspect the system for failing parts. The Refresh typically takes less than two hours and begins at prices that reflect a fraction of the cost of new servers. The program also puts the system under a Nemonix Engineering factory warranty for one year, with the option to extend the warranty for up to a total of ten years.

“We support clients utilizing legacy Alpha and VAX hardware ranging from 10 to 30 years old and these systems support critical IT infrastructures which are not easily replaced,” said Bruce Claremont, Senior Consultant of Migration Specialties, a leading reseller of IT solutions. “Migration Specialties relies on Nemonix Engineering's VAX and Alpha Technology Refresh program to supply ‘like new,’ warranted VAX and Alpha hardware, which is more than cost competitive with alternatives, such as application migration, replacement, or virtualization. Porting costs are minimal and user retraining is avoided completely. We recommend the Nemonix Refresh option to any client relying on VAX or Alpha hardware.”

Published Tuesday, January 27, 2009 6:46 PM by David Marshall
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