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Force10 Networks Launches New Terabit-Enabled Virtualization Framework
Force10 Networks®, the pioneer in building and securing reliable networks, today announced a new framework that makes virtualized environments easier to manage through a suite of advanced, terabit-enabled network virtualization and management software as well as enhanced architectural design elements. The new Virtualization Framework from Force10 offers unique features that enable network and data center managers to build, design, troubleshoot and benchmark network and application performance in virtualized environments using open, standards-based data center automation and orchestration technology.

“The Force10 Virtualization Framework gives network managers the tools they need to have visibility into how the network is performing as well as the ability to automatically tune the devices and applications to ensure optimized, cost-effective performance,” said Steve Garrison, vice president of marketing at Force10. “By transcending the physical boundaries of the network through virtualization and automation, Force10 is delivering a suite of features that enables the data center to respond to rapidly changing performance requirements.”

The framework embodies the Force10 vision for the new terabit-enabled data center through the use of real-time network traffic analysis, management and architectural tools that promote greater efficiency and agility within the data center. The combined suite, including the Force10 VirtualControl™, VirtualScale™ and VirtualView™ software components deliver flexible network performance enhancements.

State-of-the-art design tools and methodologies:

  • VirtualControl partitions physical network assets to virtualize logical boundaries, enabling one device, i.e. a switch/router, to act as many devices
  • VirtualScale enables network managers to consolidate physical network fabrics to virtualize physical boundaries, enabling many devices, i.e. switch/routers, to perform as one device

Real time monitoring and automation technology:

  • VirtualView allows administrators to see what is happening on the network, and to automate network responses according to precise, dynamic resource needs and demands

Together, the Virtualization Framework enables the design of a more agile and efficient data center from the ground up. Only Force10 provides VirtualControl and VirtualScale to design and architect the right topology for the network environment and then leverages VirtualView to monitor and automate the data center. The Force10 operating system, FTOS, based on the modular Unix-like NetBSD, delivers and supports these enhanced features.

In addition, VirtualControl and VirtualScale contain features for Layer 2 and Layer 3 environments, applicable in both the core/aggregation and access positions. VirtualControl and VirtualScale help eliminate the need for spanning tree protocols, build resiliency into the network and ensure that traffic for specific applications can be segmented to increase manageability as well as reduce troubleshooting difficulties at both Layer 2 and Layer 3.

VirtualView provides both real-time traffic monitoring using sFlow, a standards-based data collection protocol, in addition to hooks for orchestration of resources through policies using open software and technologies, including an industry-standard command line interface (CLI), SNMP and in the future XML-based commands and control provisioning middleware to provide seamless network management and maintenance. Specific orchestration features include:

  • Energy savings from virtualization of devices and automatically powering down underutilized resources
  • Policies driven by business process or time of day
  • Resource pool definition and reallocation through dynamic assignment of virtual LANs (VLANs)

Utilization of data center design, management and orchestration technology based on industry-standard technologies places the Force10 Virtualization Framework at the forefront of modern data center management and automation technologies, ensuring that the network is prepared for existing as well as emerging data center technologies, including MPLS, Fibre Channel over Ethernet, 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet and Lossless Ethernet.

The Force10 Reliable Networking product portfolio supports advances in reliability, network control and scalability that enable enterprises to lower their total cost of ownership. By building a flexible network that is ready to support emerging and evolving applications, enterprises can optimize their networks for current needs as well as future requirements.

Published Thursday, February 12, 2009 5:31 AM by David Marshall
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