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Virtutech and Partners Show Simics Full Systems Simulation at Multicore Expo
Virtutech, Inc., the leader in Virtualized Systems Development (VSD), today announced that its flagship product, Simics® will be demonstrated at multiple exhibitor booths during the Multicore Expo, March 16 – 19, 2009, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California. The 2009 Multicore Expo exhibition floor includes several point examples of key elements of the Virtualized Systems Development™ (VSD) workflow that is enabled by Simics.

Simics is a flexible and high performance solution that enables engineers to develop, debug, test and run their entire software stack within a virtual model of the physical hardware. Virtutech’s Simics allows companies to adopt a VSD-based process resulting in sweeping cost and schedule savings across several disciplines, including product marketing, software engineering, integration and test, support and sales.

“As one of the only products with the speed, scalability and robust capability to accommodate almost anything — from a simple CPU + memory, complex SoC, custom board, rack of multiple boards, or network of multiple computer systems — Virtutech’s Simics has become the accepted development platform for more than one-third of all exhibitors at this year’s Multicore Expo,” said Michel Genard, vice president of marketing, Virtutech, Inc. “This enthusiasm reinforces Simics position as a market leading simulation platform and primary industry choice for multi-core adoption.”

Multicore Exposition attendees will observe demonstrations in the exhibition hall of Simics used as:

  • A high performance, accurate and binary compatible platform running hypervisors, multiple OS, device drivers and application stacks, even before actual silicon is available.
  • An easily configurable “what-if” platform that allows system architects to explore various multi-core system architectures.
  • A platform capable of debugging the “impossible.”
  • A solution for collecting hardware trace data used to debug and optimize application code.

Freescale - Booth #1

Freescale will use Simics to run their hypervisor, Linux™ and Freescale Light Weight Executive (LWE) code across the multi-core P4080 processor. Attendees will see how the cycle-accurate Simics hybrid model supports development of timing-critical firmware and detailed performance analysis and loading scenarios. Expo participants will also observe how the Simics functional model of the P4080 provides a high speed platform simulation to enable developers to quickly proceed with their application’s build, debug and deploy tasks. At the Virtutech pod within the Freescale booth, attendees will see examples of how Simics accelerates software development by supporting complex debugging, full system stop and register visibility, in addition to reverse execution of the full system software code base.

Critical Blue - Booth #5

Critical Blue will demonstrate solutions that enable the deployment of software to multi-core platforms. In the demonstration, Simics functional accuracy and CPU register modeling allow it to be used as a configurable platform on which hardware-specific trace data can be gathered for further analysis. Furthermore, Simics can be used to quickly create new multi-core systems to which optimized applications can be deployed.

Enea - Booth #11

Enea will demonstrate their embedded solutions and development tools with Simics to provide a fast, functionally accurate model of the Freescale MPC8572 and MPC8641 processors. This demonstration provides a solid example of a hardware replacement use case where developers can perform full software development on Simics-hosted virtual hardware running directly on their standard PC.

PolyCore - Booth #21

PolyCore Software will use Simics to demonstrate their multi-core communications framework Poly-Messenger/MCAPI and tools providing multiple cores or multiple platforms with a fully managed solution for portable, scalable and transparent communications. Simics full visibility into the platform “hardware” and its ability to explicitly define low-level parameters such as memory latency, allows developers to resolve bottlenecks that emerge as both the hardware and software designs evolve.

“Simics has proven to be an excellent solution for multi-core/multi-platform architecture exploration and software development. Its high performance, model accuracy and ability to debug what would otherwise be difficult or impossible to do in a multi-core system, in addition to supporting a wide range of processors and multi-node system architectures, complements Poly-Messenger’s features,” said Sven Brehmer, president and CEO of PolyCore Software. “By using a Simics and PolyCore Software platform, developers can design, deploy and run ‘what-if’ scenarios for complex multi-core system architectures within a virtual environment.”

Express Logic - Booth #37

Express Logic will use Simics to demonstrate how their high performance ThreadX™ RTOS can be used with PolyCore software to provide a scalable, transparent and high performance processing engine for multi-core worker nodes without the overhead of an SMP OS. Developers using Simics, ThreadX and PolyMessenger software can easily perform “what-if” scenarios by quickly modifying the system topology and then retesting. This combined approach results in good software scalability and re-use even as the system architecture evolves.

All demonstrations will take place in the exhibition hall at the Multicore Expo at the Santa Clara Convention Center on Tuesday, March 17, 12:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., and on Wednesday, March 18, from 12:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

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