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Rackable Systems Announces CloudRack C2 Next Generation Cabinet with Extreme Densities and Breakthrough Energy Efficiency for Cluster Computing
Rackable Systems, Inc., a leading provider of Eco-Logical™ servers and storage products for medium- to large-scale data centers, today announced the immediate availability of CloudRack™ C2, a unified cabinet which delivers dramatic bottom-line savings to data centers by assuring maximum power and cooling efficiency. CloudRack C2 provides staggering server densities with up to 1,280 cores per cabinet and 99 percent energy efficiencies.

Innovative Power Distribution

CloudRack C2 is the first of many Rackable products to utilize Power XE™ - a cabinet-level power distribution technology designed to:

  • Virtually eliminate the data center “stranded power” problem (a data center’s power capacity which is paid for, but ultimately unused) and provides nearly perfect phase balancing
  • Significantly improve power delivery efficiency by converting incoming AC power to 99 percent efficient 12V DC power via hot-pluggable, N+1 redundant rectifiers
  • Eliminate server-level power supplies and cooling fans for improved reliability

Dramatic Thermal Efficiency

CloudRack C2 is thermally optimized to allow data centers to operate at much higher temperatures, up to 40° C (104° F). Benefits include:

  • Higher system temperature tolerance, which means significantly reduced power consumption by Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units, which in turn means radically reduced operating costs
  • Thermally-managed airflow via hot-swappable, easily-serviceable, cabinet-level N+1 redundant fan arrays for better enclosure reliability
  • Auto-adjustable fan speed based on ambient room temperature, resulting in more than 80 percent reduction of fan power compared to conventional AC enclosures

“The CloudRack C2 is a landmark achievement for Rackable Systems. Most notably, it solves the problem of stranded power,” said Mark J. Barrenechea, president and CEO of Rackable Systems. “Data centers can now also reduce power consumption by simply turning up the thermostat while using CloudRack C2. It is the most energy-efficient and thermally-intelligent server Rackable has ever offered.”

Impressive Build-to-Order Flexibility

CloudRack C2 comes in 24 inch wide cabinets, with 23U and 46U configurations, and is offered with server trays based on AMD Opteron™ processors and soon to launch next generation Intel® Xeon® processors (Nehalem) designed for better performance, energy efficiency and virtualization capabilities. Using Rackable’s MicroSlice™ architecture, CloudRack C2 trays can include up to 240 uni-processor servers per cabinet.

“Our research demonstrates that power and cooling remains a top priority for data center operators,” said Jed Scaramella, senior research analyst, Datacenters, IDC. “Energy has become a central design point for the data center. The density, power and thermal efficiencies Rackable achieves with CloudRack C2 enable customers to drive meaningful performance gains, while at the same time helping to reduce overall data center operating expenses.”

For information about CloudRack C2 and specific configurations, please visit

Published Wednesday, March 18, 2009 6:33 PM by David Marshall
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