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Hyper9's H9Labs Launches Free and OpenSource PowerShell Cmdlets

Hyper9's Andrew Kutz and the H9Labs team has created a free and open source H9Labs PowerShell Cmdlets project which consists of a series of PowerShell cmdlets.  Check out Out-DataSet: 

Out-DataSet is an extremely useful and needed cmdlet. You can use it to pipe any type of data that can be formatted with the built-in cmdlet, Format-Table, into a typed Microsoft .NET System.Data.DataSet. This allows an unlimited manipulation of data that you simply cannot achieve with text globbing. This cmdlet is experimental in nature because it was achieved by reverse engineering the Format-Table cmdlet to pull the data directly from internal data structures that Microsoft does not expose via its public API. This was a necessary task in order to represent the data with 100% accuracy every single time.

Because the built-in cmdlet, Format-Table, is used to pre-process objects for a DataSet, an internal PowerShell runspace is created in order to execute the FT cmdlet. Internal PS runspace’s only load the built-in format schemas, not any other format schema files, which means that if your objects require an external format file for FT to work correctly, then you must use the Out-DataSet’s FormatSchemas parameter to pass that information in so it is loaded. By default the Out-DataSet cmdlet will attempt to load the VMware VI Toolkit’s format schema if it is available via the Registry.

You can read more about the H9Labs PowerShell Cmdlets project here.

Published Monday, March 30, 2009 4:12 PM by David Marshall
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