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Radiant Logic Offers First Ever Virtualization Suite to Meet Identity Integration Challenges Across Different Markets
Radiant Logic, the market leader for virtual directory solutions, today announced a major rollout of three products built on its RadiantOne Identity & Context Virtualization Platform: RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server (VDS) Proxy Edition 5.1, RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server (VDS) Context Edition 5.1, RadiantOne Identity and Correlation Server (ICS) 5.2.

With these releases, Radiant Logic has segmented its flagship RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server (VDS) to better meet the challenge of identity integration in increasingly heterogeneous environments, delivering next-generation innovation and game-changing context management capabilities. This moves directory virtualization beyond simple directory aggregation to a complete data model-driven solution for identity integration.

"Radiant Logic has always understood the problem of data integration to be larger than just connecting disparate data sources,” said Todd Clayton, CEO, CoreBlox. “They have the unique ability to use the same core virtual directory technology to solve both complex integration challenges and relatively simple, efficient directory aggregation for our enterprise Fortune 1000 customers."

With mergers and acquisitions at the highest rate in decades and IT budgets cut more than 20 percent over the last year, enterprises need to leverage existing systems and legacy applications to support business-driving modern architectures, such as SOA, SaaS, and the cloud. Within today’s complex, heterogeneous environments, there is increasing demand for secure and scalable ways to integrate siloed data without disruption, costly and brittle hand coding, or massive infrastructure investments.

“Traditionally, virtual directories have been seen as a tactical point solution,” said Michel Prompt, founder and CEO of Radiant Logic. “By adding the Context Edition to our flagship VDS product, we’re now providing a complete strategic solution for your entire enterprise infrastructure. Different environments and initiatives demand different tools. RadiantOne now delivers secure identity integration and context management at every level, scaling up with you as your needs evolve.”

According to Noel Yuhanna’s Forrester Research report, Securing Next-Generation Information Architectures on October 24, 2008, “Traditionally, applications have each had their own database repository to support custom data models and provide fast data access. However, as the portfolio of applications grows, these independent data repositories must integrate with others to offer a complete and correct view of business data. Inconsistent data from these applications leads to bad business decisions and saps customer satisfaction.”

Since 2002, Radiant Logic has helped customers worldwide with secure identity integration that doesn’t disrupt underlying architectures. With its latest release, RadiantOne provides a flexible infrastructure that supports large and highly disparate environments, such as those found in SaaS or cloud-based initiatives. RadiantOne products share an advanced data modeling and virtualization engine, for seamless integration and a smooth upgrade path. Companies can choose the edition that suits their current needs, at the right price, then scale up easily as future needs require. RadiantOne virtualization is the key to an identity and contextual service in a heterogeneous world—ideal for portals, user-centric deployments, and federation.

RadiantOne Products In Action

VDS Proxy Edition is a classical virtual directory server for lightweight, super-efficient user-directory integration projects. For example, a large auto manufacturer used VDS Proxy Edition to integrate two separate directory infrastructures—Active Directory for internal users, and Sun Directory Server for external applications. This integration of Active Directory and Sun infrastructures was done without disturbing the core AD environment, as this would have created the need for heavy synchronization and increased its Sun licensing fees.

VDS Context Edition is a full-spectrum solution for complete identity and context integration, scalable for high-volume, high complexity environments. For example, a global financial institution needed to provide access for all its users to a central self-service portal with Sybase security. Each independent business unit maintained separate infrastructures and security requirements, making it difficult to integrate a mix of directories, databases, and web services, Using VDS Context Edition, the company integrated all its disparate and distributed security domains into a common virtual namespace, providing consistent and compliant security enforcement.

ICS enables correlation and synchronization of data across disparate identity silos for a unified view of identity data across applications and security domains. For example, a large telecom company had acquired multiple complementary services and was unable to update customer information across all its systems. A simple customer service call meant accessing up to six different applications. ICS provided a single logical view of all users across every platform, application, and business unit, enabling the company to manage its customers from a single access point. Behind the scenes, ICS detected changes to customer accounts and synchronized them to all “user-subscribed” services.

Rollout Availability

  • RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server (VDS) Proxy Edition 5.1 is available at the end of April, 2009.
  • RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server (VDS) Context Edition 5.1 will be available at the end of May 2009.
  • RadiantOne Identity and Correlation Server (ICS) 5.2 will be available summer 2009.

As each product becomes available, press releases and other information will be available on Radiant’s website.

Published Monday, April 20, 2009 7:13 PM by David Marshall
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