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Wyse Technology Combines with Citrix Solutions to Deliver Virtual Desktop Implementations
Wyse Technology, the global leader in thin computing and client virtualization, today announced the continued momentum of the adoption of Wyse thin clients alongside software solutions from Citrix.  Wyse is currently exhibiting their line of thin clients and virtualization software at Citrix® Synergy™ in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Booth #208.

Analyst predictions of a banner year for virtualization technology are holding true as the lower TCO and reduced energy consumption benefits of virtualization combined with a greater understanding of the hidden costs of PC maintenance and support are creating a perfect storm for the adoption of desktop and data center virtualization solutions.  

"As businesses look at ways to optimize the desktop with virtualization technologies, end-users want an uncompromised experience via methods that are most familiar to their existing environment including demanding applications that require graphics acceleration, high quality video display and VoIP compatibility," according to Mark Bowker, Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "Wyse is filling the needs for end-users and IT organizations that require easy-to-deploy solutions and the ability to more efficiently manage, secure and maintain the desktop environment." 

"We're pleased and grateful that as enterprises look to lower their TCO given the difficult economy, more and more are doing so by replacing their costly and high-maintenance PCs with Wyse thin clients," added Ricardo Antuna, VP of Products & Business Development at Wyse.  "Desktop and application virtualization technologies from Wyse and Citrix are stepping up to deliver on the promises of virtualization." 

"Given the nationwide focus on doing more with less, the value of Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop when used in combination with Wyse thin desktop appliances and virtualization software has proven to deliver dramatic TCO benefits by significantly lowering IT costs," according to Sumit Dhawan, vice president of product marketing, XenDesktop product group, Citrix Systems. 

In Danbury, Connecticut, the school district IT leaders see desktop virtualization as an antidote to the hidden costs of PC support. 

"If I told one of our teachers that they had to teach every student separately they would look at me like I was crazy, but that's exactly the model required to support personal computers," according to Yevgeniy Sklyar, the Infrastructure Manager at Danbury Public Schools.  "They are simply too high maintenance given our resources.  Any new patch or software revision used to require our team to individually update each and every PC.  By replacing our PCs with the combination of Wyse thin clients at the desktop and XenDesktop delivering to the desktop, we’ve been able to lower the overall TCO for our computing infrastructure and provide a better technology experience for our students.”  

At enterprises around the world, IT departments are realizing that the performance of virtual desktop, including sophisticated multimedia applications, meets or exceeds the levels found in PCs. 

"Because of the combination of XenDesktop and Wyse thin clients, our engineering team has purchased their last PC," according to Gary Morris, Sr. Citrix Engineer at MiTek Industries, Inc.  "We've simplified the management of our applications, cut down on deployment of new clients from days to minutes, and reduced the need for costly PCs.  We've also made our mobile team significantly more productive in their use of our custom, graphics-intensive software solution.  In this economy, anytime you can improve performance and reduce expenses from your bottom line, then you're doing something right." 

The healthcare industry is also benefitting from virtualization solutions from Wyse and Citrix. 

"In working with one of the largest healthcare organizations in the Southeast, we needed all of the functionality of a PC but without the high levels of maintenance and overall failure rate endemic to PCs," according to Michael Thomason, Lead IT Architect at Autometrixs.  "VDI can be done right and with huge ROI, but cutting costs at the desktop through the elimination of PCs and the introduction of thin clients is critical to achieving this ROI.  Wyse thin clients have been the perfect solution for our clients with respect to higher ROI, lower TCO and overall satisfaction."

Published Monday, May 04, 2009 8:57 AM by David Marshall
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