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Ultra-lightweight Server Software Stacks Built With FastScale Stack Manager Now Available for Free Download
FastScale Technology, Inc, provider of award-winning software platforms for next generation data centers, today announced the free download of ultra-lightweight server software stacks for a number of commonly used Linux applications including LAMP, Tomcat, MediaWiki and Drupal. Available in formats for VMware Infrastructure and Amazon EC2 environments, these full-featured runtime software environments, built automatically with FastScale Stack Manager Workstation Edition, are roughly 90% smaller than the typical image footprints for these software stacks.

In April, FastScale announced the beta release of FastScale Stack Manager Workstation Edition, a product that enables individual system administrators, developers, and software appliance builders to easily create and manage optimized CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 or 5 server software stacks for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or VMware Infrastructure. The new FastScale Stack Manager Workstation Edition offers a flexible and automated approach to building software environments that average 95% smaller, require 75% less memory and present a smaller attack surface for increased security.

“The FastScale technology is unique in that it provides fully-automated and powerful infrastructure for building and managing highly-optimized servers utilizing unmodified commercial operating system platforms,” said Lynn LeBlanc, CEO of FastScale Technology. “We want users to see the benefits firsthand, so we are making small-footprint application environments available as a free download. From there, users can try FastScale’s technology in-house and benefit firsthand from automatically building small footprint, resource-efficient software stacks with the push of a button.”

FastScale offers the only technology in the market with Application Blueprinting capabilities that automatically calculate the precise file-level operating system dependencies of applications, and creates server builds with just enough operating system (JeOS) from unmodified enterprise operating systems, both Linux and Windows. A graphical dashboard enables easy configuration and customization of optimized server software stacks, including complex multi-tiered applications. All software assets are versioned and stored in a central repository for management, traceability, logging and reproducibility.

Created automatically by FastScale Stack Manager Workstation Edition, several ultra-lightweight, full-featured software stacks are now available for free download in either VMDK or AMI format at

  • LAMP – a basic Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP software stack. The FastScale download size is only 39 MB with an expanded runtime size of 150 MB.
  • Tomcat – a Java servlet container. The FastScale download size is only 61 MB with an expanded runtime size of 250 MB.
  • MediaWiki – a wiki package originally for use on Wikipedia. The FastScale download size is only 49 MB with an expanded runtime size of 210 MB.
  • Drupal – a content management platform. The FastScale download size is only 42 MB with an expanded runtime size of 160 MB.

To participate in the FastScale Stack Manager beta, please visit For more information about FastScale Stack Manager Workstation Edition, visit

Published Tuesday, May 05, 2009 9:17 AM by David Marshall
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