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Microsoft Responds to Possible VMware FUD - The Blue screen Video

If you like the back and forth "discussions" between companies like VMware and Microsoft, and like to read those tossed out FUD claims (again, back and forth), then you will enjoy reading this blog post from

Did you see the VMware video that showed some VMware Hyper-V install that bluescreened?  Well, Microsoft didn't think it was too funny.  But more to the point, Microsoft's Jeff Woolsey, Principal Group Program Manager in the Windows Server Hyper-V team actually responded to VMware on the Virtualization team blog - not because he didn't think it was funny, but because he was calling out the VMware FUD for what it was.  He wrote:

On the Hyper-V team, we run thousands of stress tests per week and the stress tests we run are far more invasive than the test in this video. So, I consulted our Hyper-V Supportability Program Manager and dug deeper. I wanted to know if we've had any Hyper-V crashes reported. Here's what I found out.

Of the 750,000 downloads, we've had 3 reports of crashes under stress and with the same error code as seen in the video bugcheck (0x00020001). The solution in all three cases was to upgrade the server BIOS which solved the problem. This can happen as hypervisors interact very closely with hardware and BIOS updates generally inlcude updated microcode for processors ofteimtimes to addrss errata.

In case you're wondering, VMWare has had similar crashes with older BIOSes as well. Here.

Check out this post, again, only if you like the back and forth discussions between marketing teams and product management teams.  If you do, well, here is another one for you.  Exchangepedia follows the tennis match between VMware and Microsoft, and shares it with you.

Why can't we all just get along?

Published Tuesday, May 19, 2009 6:51 AM by David Marshall
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