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InstallFree Rolls Out Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System at Pentucket Medical Using Application Virtualization and SaaS Delivery
InstallFree, Inc., developer of platform application virtualization solutions for enterprise desktop environments, today announced the completion of the InstallFree Bridge rollout at Pentucket Medical Associates, a leading multi-specialty medical group practice, with over 400 medical professionals and staff serving patients in five outpatient facilities in Massachusetts. The Pentucket system delivers GE Healthcare's Centricity┬« EMR as a virtual application from hosted IT services at Global Data Systems Inc. (GDS), an InstallFree IT Services partner. The system securely delivers patient records to office desktops, mobile laptops, and tablet PCs of Pentucket clinicians whenever logged on to the domain. Test results import directly into a patient's EMR, providing the most current information to support complete diagnostic assessment and delivery of consistent quality service.

"Pentucket Medical adheres to three service components: medical skills, customer service, and technology," said Ruth Pothier, CIO at Pentucket Medical. "We chose InstallFree's virtualization as an IT strategy to give our medical staff the best EMR technology with streamlined management, having just four IT staff. We elected GDS for hosted services to lower our capital investment and avoid the ongoing expense of terminal server and system upgrades. This particular SaaS infrastructure, especially with virtualization, is much more efficient and affordable for Pentucket's physicians. Now with a 30 minute or less rollout of PACs and EMR software to the end point-without service calls-we have a scalable, reliable and easily managed implementation that is secure, compliant, and extremely cost effective. It was absolutely the right investment."

Applications are rolled out via the InstallFree Bridge to a virtual desktop on the domain. When users log in to the domain, they receive fully deployed virtual applications and configurations, which remain constant no matter where they access remotely. Deployments and updates can be made offline, and become active at the next log on. In this way, users can seamlessly move between different versions of operating systems.

Pentucket Medical also saved thousands in unnecessary license fees with InstallFree because it links the application configuration to user and machine-recognizing a single license when specialists log in at the office, and then walk to the test center and log in again on a tablet PC. System visibility down to the user configuration level is vital to saving costs through accurate application and license inventory.

"GDS selected InstallFree for our hosted SaaS customers to help them reduce the cost and complexity of application management in order to accelerate the process for achieving compliance with HIPPA security and OMB regulatory initiatives," said Shane Gunn, VP of Healthcare Services at GDS. "The encryption capability of InstallFree, even when offline, was a driving factor for its adoption. EMR as an outsourced solution gives the hosted service the ability to package a specialized application correctly. EMR deployed in-house is expensive to maintain, and there are not enough IT specialists who know how. For a medical practice, even of Pentucket's large size, hosted services keep the implementation and maintenance costs affordable. It also frees capital to purchase diagnostic equipment, so practices can add profitable service centers. Using InstallFree, and putting the infrastructure in the Cloud as a service over the Web, is a sound business model as medical groups advance to meet the 2014 mandated deadline to complete EMR implementation."

With the completed roll out of Pentucket Medical's EMR, the medical staff has touch points to the patient record throughout the entire system. All Pentucket Medical physicians have access to their patient's Merrimack Valley Hospital laboratory, radiology and departmental information through integration with the Pentucket interface. Now, from exam room, to diagnostic center, to hospital, a fluid view of a patient's up-to-date record is immediately available.

"InstallFree is proud to be selected for Pentucket Medical's EMR system. With one of the most advanced service centers in New England, their reputation for excellence is a strong validation for our virtualization technology," said Yori Gaby, CEO at InstallFree. "We developed our product because virtualization lets IT serve the business. We do this by making InstallFree user centric, by design. IT services get the highest level of innovative virtualization infrastructure, knowledge and expertise built into InstallFree technology-and the benefit flows to the user. At Pentucket, that translates to excellent patient care."

Published Tuesday, June 30, 2009 6:19 PM by David Marshall
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