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Sun Microsystems Unveils VirtualBox 3.0 With Powerful New Server Virtualization Features
Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced a significant new version of Sun(TM) VirtualBox(TM), its high performance, cross-platform virtualization software. VirtualBox 3.0 is capable of creating and running multi-processor virtual machines that can handle heavyweight server-class workloads, and also delivers enhanced graphics support for desktop-class workloads, reinforcing VirtualBox's position as one of the world's most popular virtualization platforms. To download the freely available VirtualBox software, visit:

Many multi-threaded server-based workloads, such as database and Web applications, can benefit from Symmetric Multiple Processing (SMP) systems, which contain multiple CPUs. VirtualBox 3.0 can now support virtual SMP systems with up to 32 virtual CPUs (vCPUs) in a single virtual machine. With this major enhancement, VirtualBox software can be used to run not only desktop workloads on client or server systems, but also demanding server workloads.

“The rapid evolution and proliferation of VirtualBox software continues,” said Jim McHugh, vice president of marketing, Datacenter Software, Sun Microsystems. “With each new version, VirtualBox software delivers more innovation, performance and power. And as virtualization continues to gain momentum in the market, the world's developers and IT decision makers are turning to VirtualBox en masse.”

“VirtualBox is a key embedded technology in our Business and Disaster Recovery product line. The great new SMP capabilities in the VirtualBox software allow us to build even more powerful products satisfying our most demanding customers,” said Akash Saraf, CEO of Zenith Infotech.

A key component of Sun's industry-leading desktop-to-datacenter virtualization portfolio, VirtualBox software has been rapidly growing in popularity, surpassing 14.5 million downloads and 4 million registrations worldwide, as well as more than 25,000 downloads a day. A mere 50 megabyte download, VirtualBox software is incredibly compact and efficient and installs in just a few minutes.

New server features of VirtualBox 3.0 software include:

  • Up to 32 vCPUs per guest to accommodate heavyweight data-processing workloads.
  • Hypervisor enhancements for SMP to enable optimum performance.
  • Updated API platform designed to be the basis of the community-driven VirtualBox Web Console project, which is coming soon to allow IT administrators to manage their datacenters from a Web console. This project is based on the popular Python language.

New desktop features of VirtualBox 3.0 software include:

  • Microsoft Direct3D support for Windows guests, which enables graphically intensive Windows applications, like computer modeling, 3D design and games software, to run in a virtual environment.
  • Support for version 2.0 of the Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) standard. As a result, high-performance Windows, Linux, Solaris(TM), and OpenSolaris(TM) graphical applications, which typically use graphical hardware acceleration, are able to run applications like Google Earth and CAM-based software on VirtualBox software.
  • Support for a wider range of USB devices, including storage devices, iPods and phones.

Pricing and Availability

VirtualBox software is free of charge for personal use. For wider deployments within an organization, Enterprise subscriptions are also available, starting at $30 (USD) per user per year, which includes 24/7 premium support from Sun's technical team. Discounts are available based on volume. To sign up for an enterprise support subscription, visit: For partners interested in redistributing the VirtualBox software as part of their own solution, Sun offers a comprehensive OEM licensing program.

Sun's Comprehensive Virtualization Products and Services

Sun offers a complete desktop-to-datacenter virtualization product and services portfolio, which includes solutions and services for both the management and virtualization of operating systems, servers, storage, networking, desktops and applications. With proven virtualization service expertise, Sun helps customers deploy new services faster, maximize the utilization of system resources, and more easily monitor and manage virtualized environments. Sun's pervasive virtualization services help enterprises scale their business while improving efficiency and transforming their IT environment into a dynamic datacenter. For more information on Sun's virtualization products, visit: and to listen to a podcast of today's announcement, visit:

Published Tuesday, June 30, 2009 6:24 PM by David Marshall
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