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VMware Delivers New VMware vCenter Products to Simplify and Automate IT Management While Lowering Operational Expense
VMware, Inc., the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop through the datacenter and to the cloud, today announced advancements in virtualization management with the general availability of two new products: VMware vCenter™ AppSpeed and VMware vCenter™ Chargeback. VMware also announced today a major release of VMware vCenter™ Lab Manager 4. These new products simplify and automate key IT processes such as application performance monitoring, chargeback, and management of dev/test environments to increase IT productivity in the datacenter – delivering more value to customers as they scale out their virtual environments.

“As customers continue to grow their VMware deployments for the increased efficiency and agility inherent in virtualization, we are taking this opportunity to simplify and automate key IT management processes,” said Bogomil Balkansky, vice president product marketing, server business unit, VMware. “If the first wave of the virtualization revolution was about reducing capital expenditures, the next wave is innovative virtualization management capabilities that allow IT to extricate itself from mundane tasks, become more productive, and reduce IT operating costs. With these new VMware vCenter products, VMware customers can achieve even greater efficiency in the datacenter, more control over service levels and greater flexibility.”

“With VMware vCenter products, we can focus on delivering applications at the service levels needed by users instead of managing the underlying infrastructure – all at a lower cost,” said Mike Rappette, global information systems delivery manager, Intel Infrastructure Engineering, Whirlpool. “Business and application owners can easily request services, specify their desired service levels, and then consume those services, giving us the agility and flexibility to meet our business objectives.”

"VMware continues to deliver excellent solutions that tackle not only capital expenditures but also operating costs in the datacenter," said Andi Mann, vice president of research, Enterprise Management Associates, Inc. "The new management products for application performance monitoring, chargeback and managing dev/test environments provide customers with essential capabilities to automate tasks and ensure visibility and control."

Generally available today, VMware vCenterTM AppSpeed provides service-level reporting and proactive performance management for multi-tier applications running in virtual machines. AppSpeed gives IT administrators visibility into how application performance depends on the different tiers of virtual and physical infrastructure. Easy to install and non-intrusive, VMware vCenterTM AppSpeed discovers, monitors, and reports within minutes of installation/download, helping customers:

  • Increase application performance and uptime
  • Troubleshoot and resolve performance issues more quickly, saving hours of administrative time
  • Virtualize more machines at a faster rate

VMware vCenterTM AppSpeed is available for $1250 per processor. For more information or to purchase, visit:

Also generally available today, VMware vCenterTM Chargeback ensures accountability across the business by allocating and reporting on costs associated with the use of virtual infrastructure. With VMware vCenterTM Chargeback, multiple factors such as cost-based models and fixed costs can be mapped to datacenter resources and then applied across cost centers to ensure proper business alignment. VMware vCenterTM Chargeback helps customers:

  • Provide business units with a clear view into resources consumed and their associated costs – enabling “showback” of valuable information, even for organizations not yet ready to chargeback to the business
  • Automatically create detailed billing reports that can be submitted to business units within an organization
  • Transition the IT environment from a cost center to a value center

VMware vCenterTM Chargeback is available for $750 per processor. For more information or to purchase, visit:

VMware vCenter™ Lab Manager 4, first introduced in 2006 and now in its fourth generation, provides IT with the ability to create and manage an internal cloud for dev/test, providing higher service levels to users through self-service access to resources needed for development, test, staging and deployment of complex, multi-tier applications. With VMware vCenter™ Lab Manager, IT can give users on-demand, role-based access to a shared library of pre-configured multi-VM environments, eliminating the need for repetitive system setup and teardown, while enabling IT to maintain security and full administrative control.

The new features in VMware vCenter™ Lab Manager 4 include:

  • Unification with VMware Stage Manager, creating a single solution to encompass multiple use cases including streamlined application delivery from development to production; simplified release management; and better training, support and online demo environments.
  • Next-generation network fencing capabilities to better support teams working on multiple instances of extremely large-scale application environments
  • Support for both ESX® and ESXi ™ form factors to give IT administrators more deployment choices for internal cloud resources.

VMware vCenter™ Lab Manager helps IT reduce dev/test infrastructure costs and administrative overhead, while providing users with improved team collaboration, accelerated workflows, and faster time to market for new or updated applications.
VMware vCenter™ Lab Manager is available for $1,495 per processor. For more information or to purchase, please visit:

For more information about virtualization management solutions from VMware, please visit:

Published Monday, July 13, 2009 6:07 AM by David Marshall
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