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New Information Technology Product Innovations Debut at OpenSource World, Next Generation Data Center and CloudWorld Next Week
Several new IT industry technologies will be announced at OpenSource World™, Next Generation Data Center™ (NGDC™) and CloudWorld™ next week in San Francisco IDG World Expo, producer of the events, announced today.

The products will be debuting at the combined Solutions Showcase, located on the second floor of Moscone West Hall August 12 and 13. The Showcase will feature more than 60 leading vendors of open source, data center and cloud computing technologies, including: CA; Cluster Resources; DELL; Fujitsu; GoGrid; IBM Corporation; Linux Foundation; Open Grid Forum; Rackspace Cloud; SteelEye; Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Talend; US DOE Hydrogen Program; and Zmanda, Inc. These vendors will showcase products that offer innovative open source solutions, data center tools and cloud computing strategies that are shaping the way enterprises run their IT.

Many of the exhibiting companies are expected to use the Solutions Showcase show floor to announce the public debut or general availability of their newest solutions, or to spotlight recently announced or enhanced products. The following is a sneak peak of some of the products that will be showcased on the exhibit floor this year.

ADAPTIVE COMPUTING (Booth #410), formerly Cluster Resources, recently announced a strategic move into the commercial data center market with its new name and brand identity, and will showcase an upgraded software suite focused on extending the value of Moab® to the data center, private and public cloud environments. The Moab® Adaptive Computing Suite™ now allows a wider range of organizations to leverage Moab’s proven management and automation capabilities in order to create dynamic, intelligent IT environments. New features, which support the consolidation and virtualization of critical IT resources, include: commercial data center application support and virtual machine management; the ability to adapt resources to respond to changing application and service requirements; and portal access for cloud-based environments.

CA, Inc. (Booth #620) will demonstrate how the newest version of CA Spectrum Automation Manager helps companies improve cost efficiency, agility and service quality by combining the power of informed automation and process automation for application and server provisioning with configuration change detection across physical, virtual and cloud environments. The technology starts companies on the path to achieving Business-Driven Automation––the ability to directly engage “business needs and policy” as the driving force in IT deployments and operations. With CA Spectrum Automation Manager, companies can harness the power and potential of automation to coordinate, integrate and accelerate the value IT brings to their business. CA’s Stephen Elliot will discuss CA Spectrum Automation Manager in his session on “Reducing Business Risks While Improving Service Quality: Automation’s Role in the Cloud and Virtual Infrastructure.” The session on Wednesday, August 12 at 1:15 p.m. PT will explain why IT and service provider organizations faced with reduced headcount and smaller budgets must deploy automation and virtualization to respond faster to business demands and deliver operational effectiveness and efficiency.

FUJITSU (Booth #518) will highlight the company’s new PRIMERGY BX900 Blade Server System, a complete dynamic server infrastructure in a single blade cube. With the PRIMERGY BX900, customers can adapt dynamically to different IT usage scenarios, increasing the agility of IT infrastructures while reducing costs. The PRIMERGY BX900 sets a new standard in power efficiency thanks to the Fujitsu Cool-safe(R) cooling and design concept, helping customers reduce energy costs by thousands of dollars per chassis per year. In addition, the server is equipped with the latest Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor 5500 series, large memory capacities and state-of-the-art I/O performance, delivering leading virtualization capabilities. The new system architecture also enables Fujitsu to offer a record-taking 18 blades in a standard 10U chassis, more than any other vendor design, offering customers 12 percent more system performance in comparison to other blade systems.

IBM CORPORATION (Booth #423) will demonstrate, through an on-line technology preview, one of the company’s new Smart Business Cloud Services, the IBM Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM Cloud, a public cloud hosted by IBM for the development and test of applications and featuring Software Delivery Services from Rational. The IBM Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM Cloud is a dynamically provisioned and scaled runtime cloud environment that provides solutions to develop and test applications. It includes integrations of the IBM Software Delivery Services from Rational to provide full application lifecycle management capabilities that can be provisioned as services on the cloud. A limited technical preview on Novell's SuSe Linux is now available for U.S. based customers and will be expanded to other geographies in late August. Send an email to to request access to the technology preview.

IXSYSTEMS, INC. (Booth #529) will unveil the iX-Green Neutron line of environmentally friendly servers optimized for high-performance applications and delivering the lowest power consumption on the market. The iX-GN1204, iX-GN1208 and iX-GN2216 servers are engineered with optimum power efficiency in mind while delivering enhanced speed, performance, and memory capacity. Leveraging the Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series chips boosts performance when systems need to operate at peak levels and idles cores and memory during low usage times to greatly cut power consumption when the systems are idle. With more and lower CPU power states, the Intel® Xeon® 5500 processors may intelligently select the unique state to operate in for the given workload, while drawing the minimum power necessary for that task. The iX-Green Neutron line of servers also utilizes power-saving DDR3 memory, 2.5” SAS and/or SATA drives, and comes equipped with ultra high-efficiency (86-93%) power supplies, all designed to reduce operating expenses and data center costs without sacrificing performance.

MACROIMPACT, INC. (Booth #325) will demonstrate the company’s newly released SANique Micro Data Protector (SANique mDP). A host-based data replication software solution, SANique mDP guarantees data synchronization between the source and the target systems by applying any change on the source data set onto the local or remote target data set in real-time. With replication conducted using unique, record-level preserving file semantics, data replicated on the target system is always consistent, checked and ready-to-use. SANique mDP also permits data replication between host servers with different operating systems and file systems, resulting in a single, centralized replication target system for heterogeneous OS environments that minimizes TCO and optimizes management efficiency.

PERMABIT (Booth #530), the leading innovator of value tier storage solutions for the enterprise, recently announced the release of value tier storage for cloud service providers. Permabit’s storage products allow cloud service providers to deliver the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable storage offerings to their clients with a simple deployment model. Built on patented and proven industry-leading technology, Permabit Cloud Storage is a massively scalable, always available, and secure storage platform designed to address the specific needs of service providers and fit seamlessly into their application hosting infrastructure.

THE RACKSPACE CLOUD (Booth #324), a division of Rackspace Hosting (NYSE:RAX), the world’s leader in hosting, will showcase the company’s recently announced open source specifications for its Cloud Servers and Cloud Files APIs under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license. Developers are now free to copy, implement, and modify the specifications, helping to enable a truly open cloud. In a major advancement of its strategy to open the cloud and speed cloud development, the company has also made available its Cloud Files language bindings for Java, PHP, Python, C#, and Ruby under the MIT license––the source code for these bindings is publicly available on GitHub, a public software versioning system, at, where external developers can now contribute. Rackspace has also produced a technical guideline for Cloud Servers language bindings, also available on GitHub, which will enable developers to build Cloud Servers bindings in a variety of languages, but with a consistent design and feel.

SCALEDB (Booth #619) will highlight a new beta program for its clustering storage engine for MySQL. ScaleDB brings shared-disk clustering to MySQL, providing high-availability, cluster-level load balancing and the ability to add nodes without interrupting running applications, all while eliminating painful data partitioning. ScaleDB is accepting a limited number of new beta testers now at

STRATASCALE, INC. (Booth #612), the only managed hosting company that provides an Instant Physical Infrastructure with cloud capabilities, will demo IronScale, the company’s new flagship service. IronScale is the first automated, fully managed server hosting service that enables SMB and enterprise customers to build, manage, and scale entire physical infrastructures in minutes from a secure Web portal, gaining time and cost efficiencies.

ZMANDA, INC. (Booth #424) will announce ZCloud, an open API, that will radically simplify the development of Backup-to-Cloud applications by providing a consistent and easy interface for storage cloud and backup software vendors. ZCloud will enable service providers to quickly and easily develop open source backup-to-cloud applications that will support a wide range of storage clouds such as Amazon S3, Azure, Sun Cloud or private labeled clouds.

A full list of exhibitors can be found at

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