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Neocleus Demonstrates Type 1 Client Virtualization Solutions at VMworld 2009
Neocleus, the leader in client virtualization, today announced that it will be demonstrating a broad range of client computing use case in Booth #1527 at the upcoming VMworld show to take place, August 31- September 3, 2009, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The company will highlight its NeoSphere platform, a groundbreaking desktop and laptop management platform and the first Neocleus product built upon Neocleus’ second generation, Type 1 client hypervisor. NeoSphere, which began shipping earlier this year, centrally manages and controls multiple concurrent isolated operating system (OS) instances as virtual machines (VMs), which execute locally on a single laptop or desktop. Demonstrations will show a portfolio of use cases to address client computing challenges, including a demonstration of how customers can extend VDI to laptops and “take VDI on the road.”

“Securing and managing today’s laptops and desktops has become a headache for IT departments. As organizations grow more dispersed and the client computing infrastructure becomes more complex, IT managers are faced with either having to compromise the client computing environment or incur escalating costs to manage, support, and secure desktops and laptops for the growing number of use cases within the enterprise,” said Bill Corrigan Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for Neocleus. “We provide the flexibility to deliver solutions that were previously too costly or impossible to address by offering the most robust platform for addressing systematic client computing challenges.”

Neocleus will be showing the following types of use cases at the show:

  • Side by side execution of two separate and isolated OS instances. One instance could be a 100 % secure locked-down operating environment containing all the corporate applications, data, network connections, and hardware configurations while the other OS could run an open image with applications that have a high intrusion threat such as music sharing software, games and social networking websites.
  • Operating two separate corporate images side by side on the same laptop or desktop; ideal for running two environments on separate, secure networks, managing application migration during mergers and acquisitions, and multi-project initiatives or environments with outsourced workers.
  • Running two versions of Microsoft Windows natively on the same machine to allow those legacy applications that have not yet been updated to Windows Vista or the upcoming Windows 7 to still be used while end users also leverage the benefits of the later operating environment in a separate VM.
  • Creating new efficiencies in desktop and laptop management by delivering a single “gold” image to a variety of different hardware platforms, thus dramatically reducing the amount of time necessary to prepare and test the corporate OS environment prior to delivering it to end users.
  • Controlling hardware components without ever touching the laptop or desktop by centrally virtualizing the hardware components of the desktop and laptop and allowing IT administrators to turn various hardware components of the endpoint device on and off on a per-VM basis.

Neocleus’ solutions will be available for full demonstration at booth # 1527, VMworld 2009, August 31- September 3, 2009, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. To schedule a meeting or demo contact Joan Spindel at or call 973-715-0087.

Published Tuesday, August 11, 2009 8:30 AM by David Marshall
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