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Citrix XenApp CTO Says, "Desktop Virtualization is NOT Server Virtualization"

If you haven't read it yet, Citrix XenApp CTO Harry Labana wrote a very well stated blog post explaining why desktop virtualization is not the same thing as server virtualization.  The use cases are very different, and there has been quite a lot of misunderstandings along the way with folks thinking the two are just offshoots of one another.  The two technologies aren't the same.  He writes:  

Desktop Virtualization is about user experience and agility, Server Virtualization is about consolidation and cost savings. It's amazing to me how so many people still confuse and believe Desktop Virtualization is just a straight forward extension of Server Virtualization that will just naturally evolve from their existing Server Virtualization infrastructure, without realizing that these are two very different use cases requiring a different approach.

In my second month as CTO of our XenApp business at Citrix, I have been able to talk to a range of people about their desktop and application virtualization strategies. Some are brand new Citrix customers, some are not even aware that Citrix is so much more than thin client remote access and some are real thought leaders who challenge my thinking everyday. Having been a customer at numerous top tier Wall Street firms and implementing Citrix technologies for many use cases including Desktop Virtualization at scale. I've lived through the pain that this sort of thinking causes in the real world and feel it's time to share some experiences and to help my twitter followers decipher some of my cryptic Desktop Virtualization!=Server Virtualization tweets.

And he covers the following points:

  • In the physical world, do your server administrators manage your desktop infrastructure?
  • The management workflow for desktops is different.
  • Desktops require a different security model.
  • Desktop scale means rethinking your virtualization infrastructure.
  • Optimize virtual infrastructure for user experience.
  • Desktops management is different and does not require the high end features of Server Virtualization that add to cost.

Read the entire blog post, Desktop Virtualization is not Server Virtualization.

Published Wednesday, August 12, 2009 5:57 AM by David Marshall
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