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SpringSource Launches the Enterprise Java Cloud
SpringSource, the leader in Java application infrastructure and management, today introduced SpringSource Cloud Foundry, a new Enterprise Java Cloud offering that enables developers to deploy and manage Spring, Grails and Java applications within a public cloud environment. SpringSource is the first vendor to offer a self-service, pay-as-you-go, public cloud deployment platform for full-feature Java web applications that unifies the entire build, run and manage application lifecycle for Java.

Numerous technology vendors and industry analysts have touted the advantages of cloud computing, which enables companies to rent infrastructure from third-party providers to run enterprise applications outside of their own datacenter. Such an approach saves time and internal resources and allows companies to pay-as-they-go as they use infrastructure for applications. SpringSource’s new offering enables deployment within a public cloud as a new option for enterprise Java applications.

Cloud Foundry is based on SpringSource’s recent acquisition of Cloud Foundry, Inc., an Oakland, Calif. - based software company. SpringSource Cloud Foundry is built on the innovative open-source Cloud Tools project and extends SpringSource’s solutions for building, deploying and managing Java applications to take full advantage of the power of elastic cloud computing. Cloud Foundry, now incorporated into SpringSource’s product line, launches and automatically scales Java web applications in the cloud with a few clicks of the mouse.

“As the leader in enterprise Java, SpringSource offers the most complete solution set for building, deploying and managing Java applications, and today’s announcement adds a new deployment model in the cloud,” said Rod Johnson, CEO of SpringSource. “Unlike competitive offerings, our cloud service does not come with compromises; companies can deploy full-feature Java web applications, built using SpringSource tools. C-level technology executives can seamlessly add cloud computing as a strategic option as part of their development roadmap.”

Meeting Customer Needs

Early SpringSource Cloud Foundry Enterprise Java Cloud beta customers realized significant benefits and cost savings from deploying Java applications in the cloud. Digitas, a leading digital marketing firm and an arm of Publicis, relies on the service to quickly deploy web applications used as part of scheduled marketing campaigns. Publicis developers can scale the applications as their campaigns see success, and they only have to pay for the resources they need and for the duration of the campaigns.

“When I rely on SpringSource Cloud Foundry to manage the sys-admin part of my job, it leaves me to focus on what I do best, which is writing code and creating applications that meet the needs of our clients,” said Dustin Whitney, principal software engineer at Digitas. “I have used SpringSource Cloud Foundry for a time-limited, high-volume MillerCoors web campaign. It was a huge advantage to rely on the service to scale the infrastructure behind the site I built and only pay for what I was using. Paying for what you use maximizes my investment, and I am also saving money by not using time to configure and manage the cloud infrastructure.”

Andrew Junkuhn, CEO at, which sells hosted services to help with budget forecasting and planning, sees similar benefits: “SpringSource Cloud Foundry really solves many of the hosting headaches I have been having with traditional hosting. Automatic scaling, continuous backup and fantastic support enables running a worry-free online business.”

Benefitting From SpringSource’s Solutions

The new SpringSource Cloud Foundry offering leverages the strength of proven SpringSource technologies that accelerate the entire build, run and manage Java application lifecycle. SpringSource’s lean approach to software is ideal for creating applications ultimately deployed in the cloud. More than two million developers rely on Spring, the de facto standard programming model for enterprise Java applications. SpringSource’s tc Server, based on Apache Tomcat, the most popular application server with 68 percent usage across IT organizations, provides a lightweight container ideally suited for deploying Java web applications in the cloud. Within the next 90 days, the freely available SpringSource Tool Suite will offer direct deployment of Java applications—through Cloud Foundry—into the public cloud.

Hyperic CloudStatus, the first service to provide an independent view of the health and performance of public clouds, provides SpringSource Cloud Foundry with cloud health monitoring data. In addition, SpringSource Cloud Foundry users receive Hyperic HQ-powered functionality to provide deep and transparent insight into application performance and service levels. Hyperic HQ integrates closely with Cloud Foundry’s technology to automatically scale cloud deployments based on an acute understanding of how the applications are working and interacting with other IT resources. SpringSource Cloud Foundry is the only cloud solution in the market with this capability.

“SpringSource’s Enterprise Java Cloud is a service that is based on far more than merely acquiring Cloud Foundry,” said Andi Mann, vice president of research at Enterprise Management Associates. “Certainly the functionality provided by Cloud Foundry is key, but SpringSource’s solutions for building, running and managing Java applications are ideally suited for applications that are deployed in the cloud. The new service brings this all together. For companies where the cloud deployment option makes sense, SpringSource has a killer offering.”

“With this announcement, SpringSource continues its leadership in Java, as Cloud Foundry provides an important new deployment option for Java applications,” said Chris Richardson, former president and founder of Cloud Foundry, Inc. and now head of cloud development at SpringSource. “I am excited that as a part of SpringSource, Cloud Foundry will leverage the SpringSource product line to build, deploy and manage cloud-based, full-featured Java applications without trade-offs.”

SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson and Chris Richardson have posted additional thoughts regarding SpringSource’s new offering on their respective blog sites, which can be found at and

Pricing and Availability

The SpringSource Cloud Foundry Enterprise Java Cloud service is available immediately at in beta and is free to use. Normal cloud service provider fees still apply. Pricing will be announced after an extended beta period and will follow standard cloud service pricing models. During the coming months, SpringSource will extend Cloud Foundry’s capabilities with enhanced cloud management features and other services. SpringSource will bring Cloud Foundry’s capabilities to Amazon Web Services as well as VMware’s vCloud service provider partners and internal VMware vSphere environments – providing infrastructure choice, deployment flexibility and enterprise services.

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