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Tranxition Introduces User Virtualization Solution to Support Virtual Desktops
Tranxition, a leader in desktop personality and management solutions, today announced AdaptivePersona(TM), a user virtualization solution that accelerates virtual desktop adoption and reduces operating costs by up to 40%. AdaptivePersona debuts at VMworld in San Francisco, August 31, 2009 in the New Innovators Pavilion booth #1438N and will be generally available September 2009.

According to Mike Rose, IDC's Industry Analyst for Enterprise Virtualization Software, "Tranxition's AdaptivePersona is an important technology in making desktop virtualization cost effective and scalable. We believe solutions that break the one-to-one relationship between desktop experience and infrastructure can enable organizations to deploy Centralized Virtual Desktops to a broader range of users than would otherwise be possible with base platforms."

For IT, AdaptivePersona eliminates the trade-off between managing desktops, operating systems, and applications as commodities versus providing the rich personalized desktop experience users demand. Employees can work productively in a familiar environment on any PC or server-based desktop instance regardless of Windows or application version -- with minimal IT support overhead.

Innovative Technology

AdaptivePersona combines two innovative technologies to power a truly dynamic and completely virtual personality. Tranxition's patented 'personality hypervisor' is the industry's first user-centric hypervisor that intelligently intercepts and virtualizes desktop personality activity. By meshing changes with the personality data store as they happen, a virtual personality is available on any desktop whenever it is needed.

Tranxition's unique patent-pending SmartShadow(TM) technology includes a thesaurus capability that stores and translates abstracted user customizations between different OS and application versions. With dynamic translation users experience consistent and familiar desktops -- in heterogeneous environments -- without IT intervention. Additionally, this technology eliminates the need for complex user migration processes as well as dramatically reduces disruptions caused by unplanned user-related events.

Leading IT service providers such as Cloud-Cast, A Division of IGI, are embracing AdaptivePersona to resolve new challenges created by desktop virtualization. "Understanding and managing the user workspace experience is key to implementing successful VDI solutions," said Jason Langone, President at Cloud-Cast. "Tranxition's AdaptivePersona is exciting technology that will allow our customers to maintain and manage increasingly complex desktop and user scenarios. Also, AdaptivePersona will provide the greatest flexibility, allowing a user's experience to follow them from physical, virtual or cloud-based workspaces."

Decouple Personality for Effective Desktop Virtualization

In common desktop environments personality is entangled with the OS and applications. This leads to additional IT costs as well as lost user productivity when any part of the environment changes or fails. AdaptivePersona addresses these issues by virtualizing the entire desktop personality -- user customizations and data, in and outside of the Windows profile. By decoupling desktop personality from the underlying infrastructure virtual and traditional desktops become more affordable to manage.

According to analysts, a company with 3,000 desktops spends $1.2 to $1.9 million per year in direct IT labor costs to manage their enterprise desktops. AdaptivePersona reduces up to 40% of those ongoing IT labor costs, reducing operating expenses by $500,000 to $800,000 per year.

Decoupling personality from the desktop reduces ongoing support calls and increases new technology adoption by providing a consistent user experience regardless of infrastructure changes. AdaptivePersona enables dynamic assembly of non-persistent virtual desktops from standard components while allowing each assembled desktop to have individual personality. The ability to assemble standard desktops from common components without sacrificing the rich personal customization of individual user desktops results in reduced storage and management requirements. With a single process across both virtual and traditional desktops, AdaptivePersona can provide a completely personalized desktop environment while IT retains control and ensures compliance to desktop policy.

"The rapid acceptance of dynamic virtual desktops has exposed management challenges that are driving the demand for a completely independent and floating virtual personality," said Bob Hoffman, president and COO of Tranxition. "Our new approach to managing users' desktop experience will advance desktop management practices and effortlessly deliver personality to new desktop platforms."

Pricing and Availability

Tranxition's AdaptivePersona software will be available in September 2009 by calling 877-707-4357 or by emailing

AdaptivePersona will be available in two editions: a "Foundation" edition focused on user virtualization for hosted virtual desktops, and an "Advanced" edition that adds SmartShadow translation and virtual desktop migration for more complex environments. Suggested prices range from $24 to $38 per user.

Published Monday, August 24, 2009 6:49 AM by David Marshall
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