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Embotics Partners with Surgient to Simplify IT Administration with Self-Service Provisioning and Automation of Virtual Environments
Embotics, the Virtualization Automation and Control Company™, today announced a partnership agreement with Surgient, a leader in self-service provisioning for dynamic data centers. Together, the companies are offering enterprises complete lifecycle management and self-service provisioning of virtual environments.

Manual controls that work well for small, contained virtual environments can create significant issues as these virtual environments grow. The resulting overload of administration teams and potential process bottlenecks has created what has come to be known as the IT Service Delivery Gap. While IT budgets have stayed flat or even decreased in recent history, the demand for complex, virtualized IT resources to support business activities continues to increase, creating a critical IT service delivery gap. As a result, frustrated users are creating their own virtual infrastructure outside the bounds and controls established by IT.

Embotics’ V-Commander provides a unique combination of enterprise-level insight, control, automation and integration; providing much needed governance and control, saving time, money and effort, while at the same time minimizing corporate risk. With V-Commander, IT administrators can seek out rogue Virtual Machines (VMs) and bring them under a centralized management system, efficiently correcting existing sprawl issues.

The Surgient Virtual Automation Platform™ helps IT administrators to close the service delivery gap, providing business users with just-in-time access to pre-defined virtual configurations via a self-service portal. Surgient’s guaranteed reservation system enables users to easily get the approved resources they need from managed IT infrastructure pools. This eliminates the temptation to create rogue virtual environments, preventing future VM sprawl.

“Surgient and Embotics products provide enterprise IT organizations a powerful joint solution for managing the request, delivery, recovery, and governance of virtualized environments, streamlining administrative activities and enabling business users with powerful self-service, ” said Tim Lucas, president and CEO of Surgient. “We are pleased to partner with Embotics and offer our customers “best of breed” products to tackle comprehensive virtual environment management.”

Jay Litkey, president and CEO of Embotics, said, “The combination of Surgient’s self-service provisioning and management platform with our automation and control reduces support costs, increases operational flexibility, and enables enterprise IT to scale virtual environments in a safe and secure manner.”

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Published Thursday, August 27, 2009 2:39 PM by David Marshall
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