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Hyper9 Launches the Open Virtualization Management and Monitoring Initiative (OVM^2)

Hyper9 announced the Open Virtualization Management and Monitoring Initiative (OVM^2). 

Hyper9's Andrew Kutz said, "OVM^2 represents a free and open source software stack designed to level the playing field of virtualization management by enabling developers to concern themselves with one API, not many."

Kutz added, "OVM^2 represents a step in a unifying direction for a section of IT still plagued by disparity. Despite the existence of OVF and CIM, virtualization remains a very daunting technology for developers. We hope to help even the playing field a bit."

OVM^2 aims to support leading virtualization platforms such as:

  • VMware ESX 3.x
  • VMware VirtualCenter 2.x
  • VMware ESX 4.x
  • VMware vCenter 4
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Citrix XenServer 5.x
  • Amazon EC2
  • KVM

The OVM^2 Initiative is supported by a series of open source software projects that Hyper9 is announcing and making available today under the BSD license:

  • Vangaea – Provides an open, RESTful interface and single sign-on access for communicating with leading hypervisors.
  • UVAPI – A Java library that provides a universal model and API for accessing different virtualization platforms.
  • JWbem – An on-going Java implementation of Microsoft’s Scripting Web-Based Enterprise Management (SWbem) API. JWbem allows Java developers to easily monitor and manage Microsoft Windows via Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).
  • Hyper9-Common – Binds together all the other modules; a set of utilities providing common support.

When combined with supporting hypervisor SDKs, these projects fit together to form the basis of the OVM^2 Initiative.

OVM^2 Overview

OVM^2 Overview

Hyper9 needs your support! If you are interested in working on any component of OVM^2 please e-mail Andrew Kutz at akutz at hyper9 dot com, and let him know for which project you think you can be a positive contributor.

Check out this video demonstration highlighting some of the features of Vangaea, the RESTful API component of OVM^2.


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