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Carpathia Hosting Brings Tightly Coupled Storage and Compute Infrastructure to the Cloud with ParaScale Cloud Storage Software

ParaScale, Inc., a startup company developing cloud storage software solutions, today announced that Carpathia Hosting, a leading provider of enterprise managed hosting services, has deployed ParaScale software as the backend infrastructure of its cloud computing service to offer seamless integration of cloud and dedicated resources. Called Carpathia Cloud Orchestration, the integrated cloud compute and storage platform aggregates storage from heterogeneous servers to form a massively scalable storage pool that can be viewed, accessed and managed from a single point.

Using ParaScale, Carpathia Hosting has deployed an elegant distributed platform that can scale linearly for applications and storage. According to Jon Greaves, CTO of Carpathia Hosting, “ParaScale is more than just a tier of storage. It is a platform on which applications can be instantiated and run from. These applications can be anything from simple transcoding and indexing algorithms, to antivirus and malware protection. Applications running directly on the same operating system and hardware as ParaScale, help to eliminate network bottlenecks. These applications can interface seamlessly with storage using the ParaScale global namespace, making it tightly coupled and reliable.”

Meeting Clearly Defined Buying Criteria
Carpathia Hosting evaluated many storage solutions including SAN, NAS and cloud before selecting ParaScale as part of their service offering. Their selection criteria included using commodity hardware to create multi-petabyte storage solutions with standard protocol support to deliver the value of cloud storage without the need for customers to recode applications or manually move files using web interfaces. Additionally, Carpathia Hosting wanted the ability to build solutions beyond basic storage services with the storage platform providing a common infrastructure building block.

Greaves explained, "While many solutions offered good API's and features focused at the web development community, we found the ParaScale feature set aligned very well with the needs of our enterprise and federal customers wanting to take advantage of the pay-per-use cloud storage without the integration headaches of other cloud-based solutions."”

ParaScale Cloud Storage in Action
Carpathia had specific customer needs in mind when it selected its storage solution. For example, a customer required a dedicated cloud that can process high volumes of data over a low latency network. When new content is written to the storage cloud, the Carpathia Cloud Orchestration infrastructure spins up a compute instance, processes the data directly, and writes it back to the cloud. By running as a tightly integrated solution, the system is able to achieve extremely low latency between the processing of the data and the storage.

Another advantage is the ability of the infrastructure to scale linearly as required. Using cloud bursting, the platform can add more compute instances to process extremely large data sets dynamically. Such a system meets the performance and scalability requirements of the customer and truly differentiates Carpathia Hosting's offering from other providers.

Service providers striving to offer cloud services to their customers need to sort out the hype and understand the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions,” said Cameron Bahar, founder and CTO of ParaScale. “Carpathia Hosting wisely developed their service provider strategy and methodically evaluated technologies against the goals of their plan. Today, they have early market advantage and are delivering both private and multi-tenant solutions built on a platform that will seamlessly grow in tandem with their business.”

Published Thursday, September 10, 2009 6:38 PM by David Marshall
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