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Industry Leaders Neterion and NextIO to Demonstrate Advanced Shared 10GbE I/O Solution for Server Systems Infrastructure (SSI) Blades at Intel Developers Forum (IDF)
Neterion, Inc., the industry leader in providing I/O Virtualization (IOV) in 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), today announced that it has partnered with NextIO to demonstrate Shared 10GbE I/O solution for SSI blades at the Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF) in San Francisco.

This solution demonstrates that instead of providing 10GbE connectivity for blade servers with dedicated Mezzanine adapters on each blade, the same 10GbE connectivity can be achieved with one shared IOV 10GbE module per blade chassis. Relative to dedicated 10GbE adapters per blade, this innovative solution provides significant improvements in functionality and manageability, at a fraction of power and cost per blade server.

Both companies are part of the Intel SSI initiative.

“Our collaboration with Intel and Neterion is evidence of industry alignment around an open blade architecture and IOV industry standards,” said K.C. Murphy, president and CEO, NextIO. “NextIO and Neterion are now proving that standards-based shared I/O virtualization technology can deliver the benefits significantly lower rack infrastructure costs along with greater flexibility, I/O scalability and non-disruptive business agility without sacrificing performance.”

10GbE I/O resources can now be added to the shared I/O pool as needed without disrupting existing services. Blades can access the 10GbE network adapters dynamically, based on changing application demands. Network configuration becomes detached from a server blade, and persists in case of a blade being hot replaced.

“Neterion is extremely pleased to partner with NextIO to demonstrate that Shared I/O is a reality and deployable today,” said Todd Oseth, President and Chief Executive Officer, Neterion, Inc. “The NextIO and Neterion solution provides the utmost in flexibility and allows reallocation of I/O resources in real time. We believe that this is a game changer in accelerating the adoption of 10GbE in blade servers.”

Neterion and NextIO are providing a solution that simplifies the deployment and management of Blade Server I/O. This allows customers to leverage their existing infrastructure and enables them to respond “on the fly” to changing business needs.

Published Tuesday, September 22, 2009 6:01 AM by David Marshall
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