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Open Source Zenoss Core Project Delivers Cloud Monitoring and Community-Led Systems Management Innovations

Zenoss Inc., a leading commercial open source provider of Unlegacy IT systems and network management products, today announced the general availability of Zenoss Core version 2.5 under the GNU General Public License (V2). This latest version of the open source monitoring and systems management project includes several new features and innovations targeted at managing cloud-based infrastructures as well as many new community-developed extensions to broaden Zenoss' monitoring capabilities.

The Zenoss 2.5 release can be downloaded from the Zenoss Community website.

What's New in Zenoss Core 2.5

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Monitoring - New Amazon EC2 monitoring provides dynamic snapshots of both the individual and collective performance of the instances within an account. In addition, Zenoss Core now includes the ability to immediately track performance without user intervention and to drill deep on performance issues with “inside-the-instance” monitoring.
  • Over 40+ New Community Developed Innovations - During the latest release cycle the community has significantly extended Zenoss Core in the form of monitoring extensions called ZenPacks.
    • Egor Puzanov's ODBC Data Source ZenPack provides a new data source for monitoring databases via ODBC. This ZenPack is the basis for the MS SQL ODBC Database Monitor, MySQL ODBC Database Monitor and PostgreSQL ODBC Database Monitor ZenPacks.
    • David Nicklay's Community NetApp ZenPack merges three existing ZenPacks into a single source, providing comprehensive monitoring for NetApp devices.
    • Eric Edgar provides new monitoring threshold functions via Point, Range and Predictive Threshold ZenPacks.
  • Event Console - With a new look and feel, the Event Console makes it even easier for IT operators to complete their most common tasks. The primary design features were based on a set of usability interviews and include streamlined navigation, inline event filtering and a preview pane
  • Community Submitted Bugs, Feature Requests and Testing - The Zenoss Community provided significant testing and feedback during this release cycle submitting over 65 bugs and feature requests that have been addressed in version 2.5.

Zenoss Cloud Monitoring Contest

With an increasing number of users needing to monitor cloud infrastructure, Zenoss is partnering with the open source community to deliver instrumentation to monitor popular cloud services. Zenoss has announced a contest for Zenoss Community users to help expand the Zenoss Core platform to monitor other cloud infrastructure. Zenoss is offering numerous prizes for submissions and will be releasing all entries for free under the GPLv2.

Published Wednesday, October 28, 2009 6:29 PM by David Marshall
Open Source Zenoss Core Project Delivers Cloud Monitoring and … | Open Hacking - (Author's Link) - October 28, 2009 9:00 PM
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