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VMLogix Gazes into the Virtualization and Cloud Crystal Ball for 2010

Contributed article by Ravi Gururaj, Founder and CTO of VMLogix

VMLogix Gazes into the Virtualization and Cloud Crystal Ball for 2010

The year 2009 started off against the backdrop of a worldwide recession, which guaranteed an extremely sluggish business environment for the first half of the year; however, the last two quarters have seen a significant turnaround and a sizable pickup in positive business momentum. With the opening up of corporate budgets, we have seen clear indications that virtualization is once again a highly prioritized area of fresh investment for most businesses worldwide. 

As I gaze into the 2010 crystal ball, I feel confident in predicting that the following trends will unfold in the new year:

  • Trend #1 - Growth and adoption of multiple hypervisors: The virtualization world will increasingly move to adopting and embracing multiple hypervisors within their data centers. For example, Microsoft's Hyper-V R2 will start to gain real traction as post release verdicts show this is a much improved and more mature platform when compared to the original R1 release; Citrix rapidly achieves feature and performance parity with VMware's vSphere platform and its successful launch of a set of free XenServer offerings helped spur user adoption significantly; Red Hat's KVM solution which just launched is also a contender in this high stakes game; and finally I definitely expect VMware will continue to evolve its compelling feature rich virtualization platform solution. Given the strategic nature of virtualization projects in enterprises and the plethora of vendor options available, we will see growth and adoption of all leading hypervisors in 2010 and adoption of a multi-hypervisor strategy to avoid platform lock in will make business sense and become a common trend.


  • Trend #2 - Hybrid cloud adoption by the enterprise: The "cloud" has gained significant industry mindshare in 2009 - with references to both on-premise (private) as well as off-premise (public) clouds. In 2010, as cloud architectures get deployed in the enterprise, we believe that customers will want to leverage the best of both (private and public cloud) worlds by building hybrid infrastructure pools where, for instance, private clouds allow enterprises to leverage their existing 'sunk' infrastructure investments and public clouds would enable enterprises to convert future capex into on-demand opex. In 2010, customers will tread the middle-path by increasingly demanding the hybrid cloud option to ensure they can enjoy the best of both private and public clouds.


  • Trend #3 - Virtualization Management becomes the value-add layer:  As we see trends #1 and #2 play out, management of private clouds (powered by multi-hypervisors) and public clouds will be a third key area of focus by customers and the industry. Customers will start to ask for a unified management framework that bridges the cloud layers demanding a single pane of management glass across all infrastructure (both private and public clouds) while also requiring cloud friendly administrative capabilities such as fine grained user access controls, charge-back reporting, user capacity control policies and quotas and more.

A simple end-user interface (self-serve portal) that allows users to log in to access resources in the cloud (while being governed by administrator defined policies and quotas) will flourish and enjoy rapid adoption from a cloud-hungry market. 

It promises to be a fun, eventful and highly charged 2010!

About the Author

Ravi Gururaj, founder and CTO of VMLogix

Ravi Gururaj has over nineteen years of technology product development, management and marketing experience. Prior to founding VMLogix, Ravi was managing director of Trilogy E-Business Software Pvt. Ltd., the Bangalore based offshore development center of Trilogy Inc. of Austin, Texas. Previously, Ravi was director, E-Commerce Initiatives at Trilogy, Inc., Austin and General Manager of UberWorks Inc., a Trilogy incubated universal wallet and shopping cart infrastructure software. He has also held senior product marketing roles at Dialogic Corporation (an Intel subsidiary), New Jersey and founded two software start-ups that designed and licensed reusable software components for application developers worldwide.

Ravi received an MBA with high distinction from Harvard Business School, where he was elected a Baker Scholar, and graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, as a Benjamin Franklin Scholar in the Management and Technology (M&T) program, receiving a BSE in computer science & engineering from the Moore School and a B.Sc. in finance from the Wharton School.

Published Tuesday, December 01, 2009 6:10 AM by David Marshall
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