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2010 Cloud Predictions - The Disruptive Cloud


What do Virtualization and Cloud executives think about 2010?  Find out in this series exclusive.

Contributed article by Claudine Bianchi, CMO, NaviSite

2010 Cloud Predictions - The Disruptive Cloud

In 2010, enterprises will no longer be debating whether they should be looking at cloud computing - they will have made the decision to explore it further and will get to the point where their decisions will become more tactical. What enterprises will discover is that as the cloud has peaked in its "hype cycle," the actual evaluation of serving applications from the cloud and the impact on an enterprise's progression toward greater efficiency will become an exercise in metrics and hard facts and not strategic euphemisms.

When looking at the cloud, the basic criteria for evaluation by IT professionals will be the same as it was for networked computing in the 80's; client/server technologies in the early 90's; and most recently, the Internet and Web 2.0:  "How can I most cost effectively increase worker productivity?"  In other words, "How can I do more with less?"  In challenging economic times, everyone -- especially IT and operations --  is budget conscious and concerned with the longevity of their business.

And, there's no doubt that the cloud offers some tangible bottom-line benefits:

1) its on-demand

2) its elastic (or scalable)

3) its fault-tolerant

In fact, it offers the most agile computing environment for an increasingly dynamic and changing enterprise.  But, the jury is still out on a number key issues that will certainly surface as enterprises begin to deploy their cloud strategies including security and compliance, data storage and management, usage and billing - the list is long and may put every aspect of IT management under scrutiny.  And, it won't simply be a "build versus buy" decision; it will be a "survive or die" decision.

By the end of 2010, I predict that we will see many enterprises aligning their cloud strategies in two ways:  the first, is a prudent strategy that allows the enterprise to build a private cloud and test the many possibilities offered by the cloud in the "safety" of a closed environment.  The second is a "test and defend" strategy, allowing enterprises to try different cloud scenarios -- perhaps with a trusted partner or technology - without the trepidation associated with making a long term commitment.  My guess is that many enterprises will try both - a "hybrid" -- of the two. 

It's during this year, when enterprises are in the process of actually starting to deploy cloud solutions, that cloud technology will begin to mature and that providers of cloud technologies and services will survive based on tried and true characteristics:  customer focus, superior technology, fair pricing, and trustworthiness.  These same fundamentals seem to apply no matter what the latest disruptive technology seems to be.

At NaviSite, we strive to make our customers more successful by using technology to their business advantage - by reducing costs, increasing the speed to market, and being flexible.  Our cloud offering, NaviCloud, is a means for enterprises to move into cloud computing without great risk - our expertise in serving applications in complex environments enables us to work with many types of technical situations in a myriad of environments.  We envision that an enterprises' extension of their IT services - from computing to infrastructure management -- allows for that organization to get to more important uses of IT - mainly the ones that drive revenue and long term value.

About the Author

Claudine Bianchi, Chief Marketing Officer at NaviSite

Claudine Bianchi  joined NaviSite with more than twenty years of senior leadership experience in the industry. Bianchi previously held executive positions at MetaCarta, eCopy where she was instrumental in growing revenues from $6 million to over $35 million in 4 years and increasing market penetration from less than 2% to over 8%, and Newmediary, a B2B e-marketplace that was acquired by cNET. Previously, she was director of marketing at Forrester Research. Bianchi holds a bachelor's of arts degree in English from Dartmouth College.

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