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SafeNet Enables Software Monetization in Virtual Environments

SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in information security, today announced the industry’s first and only technology agnostic solution for software license authorization and enforcement on virtual machines (VMs). Software vendors can now confidently introduce licensing and pricing models that support and control the utilization of their application in virtual environments, enabling them to protect their applications from copy and duplication, ensure their competitive position, and even increase profitability.

Until now, when automating license enforcement there has traditionally only been two options available to control software applications in virtualized environments: hardware keys and some very basic VM detect and deny/allow capabilities. Hardware keys are not a practical option for a large number of software publishers. Without any measure of control of an application once authorized, basic detect and deny/allow capabilities are an incomplete solution.

“Software publishers that have not already begun addressing how to manage the licensing of their applications in virtual environments are behind the curve,” said Amy Konary, research director, IDC. “The strategy should not only include support for licensing in virtual environments, but also the ability to enforce license terms once the application is deployed on a virtual machine. Without the enforcement the software publisher has no control over the license and therefore their revenue.”

This month SafeNet will begin rolling out technology agnostic VM binding support across its industry-leading Sentinel® product lines, providing software vendors with a viable option to authorize and control their software applications in virtualized environments. By enabling software vendors to bind a license to a single VM, just as they would in a traditional licensing scenario, SafeNet’s technology protects the license and the application from copy and duplication. The solution’s technology agnostic design enables customers to support and control licensing in any virtual environment, including VMware, Microsoft, Xen, and other technologies, offering a truly future-proof licensing solution.

Join SafeNet and Amy Konary of IDC on February 4, 2010 at 11:00am ET as they present “Licensing for Profit in Virtual Environments,” a live webinar. The interactive webinar will review the many challenges virtualization has created for software publishers and best practices for supporting and enforcing software licensing in virtual environments. Register for the webinar now!

Visit us online at To learn more about the virtual environment licensing features of SafeNet’s industry-leading software protection and licensing solutions, Sentinel HASP and Sentinel RMS.

Published Monday, January 11, 2010 5:26 PM by David Marshall
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