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CloudShare Pro Extends Fortune 500 Platform to SMBs, Professionals
CloudShare today launched CloudShare Pro, a streamlined version of its cloud-based platform for creating and sharing multiple cloud-based copies of complex IT environments in as little as 60 seconds.


Changing the way users collaborate, CloudShare is already in use by Fortune 500 software sales engineers, IT professionals and enterprise teams for sales demos, POCs, training and other situations that use IT as a Service (ITaS) to provide end-users with instant hands-on access to technology. CloudShare Pro extends this ability to provide replicated infrastructure on-demand to individuals, teams and the small and medium sized business (SMB) market, making it available in a “point and click” form for use in a variety of scenarios ranging from presales to prototyping, testing, support, outsourcing and more.


“Think of CloudShare as 'Salesforce meets Virtual Machines'; a technically robust platform for IT presented in a way that’s usable by an average SMB staffer,” said Guy Arieli, CTO of Experitest, a top-ten SMB consumer of IT. “CloudShare Pro really has the potential to level the playing field for organizations with fewer technical resources. We estimate that CloudShare Pro can increase our staff's speed and reach by 10x, enabling each user to be as productive as full teams of such professionals fielded by larger non-CloudSharing companies.”


Beyond Web Meetings, Email and CRM

Companies like and WebEx have successfully paved the way for SaaS adoption by enabling basic customer interaction around information, such as email, PowerPoint, whiteboarding and similar 1-1 interactions. CloudShare picks up where existing online conferencing, CRM and remote IT applications leave off by enabling true, hands-on collaboration where end-users can actually employ the technology in their own individual, dedicated hands-on IT environments.

“We’re making the process of creating complex IT environments, sharing them with others, and managing usage as straightforward as made CRM and lead management,” said Zvi Guterman, CEO of CloudShare. “We started with the most complex challenges – meeting the needs of enterprise customers like Cisco, VMware and SAP – and based on that success we are extending the platform to support individual business users, both in smaller companies and within teams in larger enterprises.”


As an example, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is adopting new cloud-based technologies that will help advance its IT organization. According to MoMA’s CIO Steven Peltzman, IT collaboration tools like CloudShare have the potential to help the non-profit SMB organization to scale productivity and IT delivery capabilities to levels matching those of much larger companies with additional technology and financial resources.


Point, Click, Cloud, Share

CloudShare Pro allows any business user to instantly create, share and track multiple copies of complex IT environments online, replacing the need to ship machines or travel to end-user sites. CloudShare’s technology extends beyond basic webinar or virtual lab offerings to help users share, interact and collaborate in complete, dedicated hands-on enterprise IT environments, for any length of time. The benefits extend to both end-users who gain dedicated hands-on access to their own copy of IT environments immediately, and technical staff who now save time and money by eliminating the need to travel and ship to end-user sites, while also gaining more visibility into the entire process by knowing who is using what, when and for how long.


CloudShare delivers five core customer benefits:


  • Point and Click Simplicity: As simple as Salesforce to use, while technically robust enough to support enterprise-class requirements of customers like VMware and Cisco, CloudShare lets customers deploy multiple copies of complex IT environments in minutes, versus days or weeks associated with competing products.
  • Pre-configured, All-inclusive IT Environments: CloudShare environments include servers, networking, storage and pre-installed operating system and application licenses – including those for popular software vendors like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft.
  • “Share/Manage/Track” Business Focus and Capabilities: CloudShare’s management framework allows customers to instantly create and share dedicated copies of “gold master” environments, which then can be managed and tracked in a CRM-like system with links to Salesforce, analytics engines and more.
  • Immediate Speed and Productivity Increases: With CloudShare, users no longer need to send huge data files, reserve limited timeslots, or ship hardware to vendors or clients. The entire CloudShare environment – from pre-installed applications to infrastructure – is available on-demand.
  • Demonstrated Return on Investment (ROI): CloudShare’s enterprise customers have seen sales cycles accelerated by months, costs reduced by 30-50 percent, and increased visibility to channel and productivity increases in sales teams – all of which is directly tracked in CloudShare’s dedicated analytics dashboard.

“Organizations worldwide are increasingly adopting Internet and technology-based collaboration applications, driven by economics, the speed of business, security concerns and more,” said David Mario Smith, Senior Research Analyst at Gartner.


With premier backing and marquee customers, over one million VM demo hours served, and reliable quarterly usage growth, CloudShare has established itself as a leader in the business cloud. The introduction of CloudShare Pro enables CloudShare to bring that business cloud to a wider audience, including those with limited technical resources.


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A trial version of CloudShare Pro is available today at


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