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Flexiant Leads the Way in Cloud Virtualisation with New Platform “Extility”, Both in Licensing and Public Platform Offerings

Hosting companies can now compete in the cloud virtualisation sector on an even playing field with global market leaders with proprietary rapid provisioning infrastructures. Forming the basis of Flexiant’s pioneering FlexiScale cloud service, Extility offers a proven, credible and visionary alternative to the cost of developing a cloud computing platform in-house.

Launched today by Flexiant, the software and services company, Extility is a licensed virtualised cloud platform delivering all of the benefits of real-time server estate management to end-users through its unique user interface and API. Central to these end-user benefits is the ability to shape server requirements to meet and exceed the demands of a perpetually shifting market landscape, allowing provisioning and reconfiguration of servers in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days. Licensees of Extility will not only enjoy the competitive edge of providing world class scalable services to existing or new business the savings springing from Extility’s unified platform mean that they will be able to do so at realistic prices in a market projected to comprise of over 20% of corporate IT infrastructure within five years (Source: Gartner).

Extility’s licensees will see substantial capital expenditure savings, streamlining of technical resource and progressive efficiencies in server utilisation, allowing them more effectively to achieve business acquisition and profitability targets. Reduced energy consumption will slash operating costs and significantly shrink carbon footprint – a central consideration in an increasingly environmentally conscious business ecosystem. Importantly, in these times of challenging margins and market fluidity, sales gestation periods will be shortened dramatically through accelerated delivery timescales, in turn reducing time to invoice and to attain positive, profitable cash flow. Extility will significantly enhance licensee profiles and product offerings through seamless branding and bringing real commercial gains to their customers.


Software guru and founder of Flexiant, Tony Lucas, explains: “We have pioneered cloud computing for six years and worked in the web hosting sector for 12 years. We know this industry inside out and we believe Extility will transform internet hosting technology by enabling affordable scalable services that reduce both operating costs and carbon footprint”.

Today’s launch of Extility is an important milestone in the evolution of cloud computing; ease of use, leading edge, platform independence, reliability and leveraged investment are all cornerstone concepts of this exciting technology.

FlexiScale 2.0 brings new opportunity to the Cloud Virtualisation reseller market and exciting new functionality to end users: Leading edge differentiation and value creation

FlexiScale 2.0, is a complete rebuild of Europe’s first cloud platform using Flexiant’s revolutionary Extility technology. FlexiScale 2.0 not only allows end-users to benefit from a wholly scalable hosting infrastructure but also reaches out to the wider world of IT services delivery companies with the opportunity to extend their offering to existing customers, whilst differentiating their services in a progressively demanding market place where most IT services have been, or are seen to have been, commoditised.

Flexiant’s Resellers and Affiliates will be able to rapidly leverage their existing customer base to take advantage of FlexiScale’s platform independent infrastructure, bringing immediate improvement to bottom-line performance, whilst delivering highly dependable world class services to their customers.

Currently in its final Beta testing cycle, FlexiScale 2.0 will launch on 23rd March 2010. Additional information will be released closer to the launch date indicating how and where you can participate in this exciting opportunity. In the interim, Flexiant’s channel development team is seeking to sign up early adopter resellers across a range of sectors.

Tony Lucas comments: “Our existing FlexiScale customers are very important to us and we know they will love the improvements and new features of FlexiScale 2.0 that the Extility technology suite has enabled. FlexiScale 2.0 delivers an excellent commercial opportunity for technology resellers to deploy wide ranging high quality services to their existing customers, whilst enabling them to compete more effectively in this very challenging industry. We are very proud of bringing this innovative, leading edge technology to market.”

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