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World's Largest Pizza Hut Franchisee Selects SpringSource tc Server for Modern Java Architecture Within VMware Environment

SpringSource, a division of VMware, Inc. and the leader in Java application infrastructure and management, today announced that NPC International, the world’s largest Pizza Hut franchisee, has deployed several internal web applications on SpringSource tc Server. NPC International replaced JBoss’s application server with tc Server, and it now benefits from dramatic performance improvements and resource consolidation based on the ability to deploy several tc Server run-times within an internal private cloud environment.

“I noticed that the JBoss servers were having performance issues, when the underlying resources driving the apps should not have had such issues, and by switching to tc Server, I have eliminated those performance problems,” said Jon Brisbin, portal webmaster for NPC International. “In addition, I could not have deployed the applications within VMware virtual machines without tc Server.”

NPC International operates more than 1,150 Pizza Hut restaurants worldwide, plus offices and other sites, and it has adopted web-based applications for various internal functions, such as payroll, HR operations and invoice approval for purchasing of pizza ingredients and other supplies. The web applications are built using the SpringSource-led Spring Framework, and therefore the transition to tc Server was seamless.

To maximize internal resources, NPC International created a private cloud of infrastructure resources virtualized with VMware vSphere™. Twelve tc Server instances are now running on a single physical box, and plenty of capacity exists to install additional tc Server instances, according to Brisbin.

By selecting tc Server as the best place to deploy Spring-based applications, NPC International recognizes several benefits:

  • Easy deployment of virtual and cloud infrastructures – Because tc Server’s footprint is small, it is ideal for deployment within NPC International’s VMware environment, which creates a private cloud of IT resources for the company. In the process, NPC International is able to maximize internal server resources by eliminating multiple machines necessary to run numerous application server run times.
  • Dramatic improvements in performance – With the previous application server, end users were subjected to numerous performance-related problems that either fixed themselves or required an application reboot. Such problems wasted end user time and required constant attention by Brisbin and his team.
  • Lean, modern Java infrastructure simplifies development and deployment – NPC International relies on Spring-based development to capitalize on the many benefits of the modern Spring platform. tc Server provides a lean deployment environment, and is part of the full line of SpringSource solutions, which include lean approaches for building, deploying and managing Java applications.

“tc Server is the absolute best deployment environment for Spring applications, and the performance and simplification benefits NPC International has received are common when you pair the Spring Framework with tc Server,” said Shaun Connolly, vice president of product management for the SpringSource division of VMware. “In addition, given its lean, modern approach and minimal footprint, tc Server is ideal for deploying applications on virtual servers, and that is the best course toward cloud computing.”

Published Wednesday, March 31, 2010 6:28 PM by David Marshall
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