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Cloud Lab: Managing, one way or the other

From a Cloud Provider perspective, once we get beyond the “feature” wars of the various virtualization methods available for Clouds, we begin to look at management. Whether we are managing physical or virtual resources (CPU, Storage, Memory, Networking, etc.) or provisioning and patching, the pains are pretty much the same. Hypervisor virtualization, of course, can greatly simplify a lot of the “grunt work” associated with the physical world. Cloning from a template is a lot easier in software than with physical sheet metal and cables.

Cloud management software, ostensibly automates this to a point where a user might select from a common set of options, say 2 Cores with 512MB, 10GB of disk storage and a pair of 100MB vNICS. Add an OS, perhaps coupled with a selected server app, configure the app, and from that point adding one more or a thousand is basically the same effort.

From a Cloud USER standpoint, we really don’t care how this gets accomplished as long as our servers boot and provide our needed services.

The typical virtualization-savvy admin in a data center today is all abuzz with the ability to “live migrate” servers from host to host, or to “load-balance” VMs among them so that resources are most effectively utilized. To a Cloud provider, those things may be necessary as well (especially in multi-tenancy where a few extra virtual servers per host represent revenue, and potentially the difference between profit and loss.)


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Published Monday, April 05, 2010 5:48 AM by David Marshall
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