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gDev Deploys VMLogix LabManager on Amazon Cloud to Enable Accelerated and Automated Application Lifecycle

VMLogix, Inc., a provider of virtual machine management solutions designed for software companies and IT organizations, today announced that gDev, FZ-LLC, an outsourcing services firm that leverages a global network of software providers to deliver the highest quality software development, has deployed VMLogix LabManager – Cloud Edition (LabManagerCE) to manage the company’s virtual labs on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). By leveraging LabManagerCE as the hub of an automated application lifecycle management (ALM) platform, gDev has been able to improve development productivity and agility while accelerating software delivery times.

On Wednesday, April 7, 2010, at 11:00 a.m. EDT, Amazon, gDev and VMLogix will present a webinar titled, “Learn How gDev Accelerates its Software Development Using the Amazon Cloud and VMLogix.” To register to attend, go here.

“We needed a solution for testing and development that was able to expand with us, and accommodate times where we have increased lab requirements,” said Rahul Subramaniam, managing director of gDev. “VMLogix LabManager – Cloud Edition offers the management tools and policy-governing abilities we need in order to effectively and efficiently collaborate in virtual labs in the cloud. It also offers the ability to control costs through shared infrastructure and audit trails to assign costs to users and teams.”

Prior to adopting VMLogix LabManagerCE, gDev developed its own platform to enable collaborative ALM among its engineering teams. The next step was to investigate how virtual lab automation in conjunction with a virtualized and public cloud infrastructure could enable the rapid creation of development environments so that software engineers could quickly get them up and running – enabling teams to focus on the actual software project rather than the environment in which it is developed. In September 2009, gDev deployed VMLogix LabManagerCE for its ability to automate the lifecycle of virtual labs (i.e., development environments) in the Amazon EC2 so that gDev could better manage the software development process and draw from a global engineering talent pool. This integrated ALM platform brings together a source control system, multiple integrated development environments, a continuous integration solution and a myriad of testing tools which all sit on top of LabManagerCE to take advantage of Amazon’s dynamic cloud infrastructure. The VMLogix-based solution enables lights-out execution of the lifecycle – from the developer submitting new code through software build, validation and test. Since deployment, gDev has been able to increase end-product reliability, deliver software projects more quickly and drive down costs for customers commissioning projects.

"gDev is a great example of leveraging virtual lab automation for next-generation ALM,” said Sameer Dholakia, CEO of VMLogix. “Dynamic,virtual infrastructure, controlled on- or off-premise by LabManager, enables a degree of automated execution and agility previously not possible in software engineering. Virtualization and the cloud are forever changing the ‘develop-build-test’ process. This is also a significant use case as companies are increasingly leveraging the public cloud to support development and test teams that are distributed globally. LabManagerCE ensures that they can automate and manage virtual labs and resources on-demand in the cloud from wherever they are in the world.”

VMLogix LabManager – Cloud Edition

VMLogix LabManager – Cloud Edition leverages Amazon EC2 for virtual lab automation in the cloud, offering on-demand access to virtual lab tools and computing infrastructure resources over the web from any location. Most importantly, Cloud Edition enables a pay-for-what-you-use pricing model: leveraging the elasticity of the cloud to reduce upfront capital expenditures by instantly scaling up or scaling down the lab infrastructure when required, and only paying for what is used.

Published Monday, April 05, 2010 6:15 PM by David Marshall
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