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CloudShare Provides 'Missing Link' in Enterprise-to-Cloud Evolution
CloudShare today announced FastUpload™, a new feature that provides 'the missing link' for companies looking to quickly and easily move virtual machines (VMs), unchanged, to the Cloud. With CloudShare FastUpload, users can upload existing in-house VMware-based virtual IT environments and make them available as a Cloud-based service, in as little as 15 minutes.

"CloudShare provides the fastest, cleanest way I've seen to get VMware VMs into the Cloud, without needing expensive equipment or a lengthy process on the back end. I was literally up and running with full remote access in minutes," said David Q Ta, Senior Linux Administrator at Riverbed Technology and former member of VMware's Engineering team. "CloudShare's FastUpload is the antidote for anyone suffering Cloud Migration headaches -- it completely removes one of the fundamental roadblocks to keeping infrastructure in the Cloud, namely, the ability to work offline."

While Cloud Computing continues to dominate much of the IT-related conversations taking place today, even the most sophisticated IT users are still trying to determine how to make the transition from local physical or virtual environments into the Cloud. The idea of having to re-architect systems, rewrite code, or manage delays typically associated with FedExing storage media to cloud providers generates a high level of skepticism among IT staff, not to mention significantly increasing expenses and security risks.

CloudShare alleviates such concerns by providing a way for users to extend access to -- or simply move -- their virtual infrastructure, from the Enterprise to the Cloud, with the same ease of use as WebEx but on a platform robust and secure enough to support companies like Cisco, VMware, SAP and McAfee.

"'How do I move my existing applications?' is often the first question asked by organizations adopting Cloud Computing environments," said Paul Burns, President of Neovise, an IT industry analyst firm focused on Cloud Computing. "There are a number of approaches which can involve the adoption of new processes; such demand significant investments of time and money. CloudShare FastUpload avoids all that so IT can more quickly start reaping the benefits that brought them to the Cloud in the first place."

CloudShare's technology is already in use by Fortune 500 software sales engineers, IT professionals and enterprise teams for sales demos, POCs, and training. Since the launch of CloudShare Pro, in February 2010, over one thousand sales, IT, training, and other business users have adopted CloudShare Pro, creating over several thousand hands-on IT environments and generating over ten thousand VM demo hours.

"With FastUpload, CloudShare continues to make the Cloud accessible, opening up a new and innovative way for tech support, remote employees, developers, and other individual users to upsynch and share their existing Virtual Machines," said Zvi Guterman, CEO of CloudShare. "Complementary to hosting services like VMforce, CloudShare FastUpload represents the easiest, fastest onramp for companies to get into Cloud. Think 'Star Trek Teleporter meets IT Infrastructure.'"

For more information and to use CloudShare FastUpload, please visit and register for the free CloudShare Pro product.

Published Monday, April 19, 2010 7:26 PM by David Marshall
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