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Extreme Networks Introduces Dynamic Virtualization Management for the Data Center
Extreme Networks, Inc. today announced its network-based dynamic data center virtualization lifecycle management solution that delivers unprecedented visibility, control and automation of Virtual Machines (VM) to the network administrator.

Extreme Networks is continuing its mission to simplify, scale and control data center network infrastructure with the introduction of Extreme Networks XNV, a powerful set of loadable software modules addressing VM lifecycle management for the ExtremeXOS modular operating system and its EPICenter network management suite. XNV is the first data center management solution to deliver dynamic virtualization management across the network, logically bringing VM lifecycle management to the network while boosting operational efficiency and security.

Traditionally, network administrators have had limited, if any tools for troubleshooting and managing VMs in the network. VMs are typically created, activated, moved around and de-activated dynamically through tools controlled by server administrators. Additionally, due to the ability of virtual machines to move across the data center dynamically, provisioning the network for VM security, as well as for application performance, poses a networking challenge due to the static nature of network policy enforcement.

In response to this challenge, Extreme Networks XNV VM lifecycle management provides network-level functionality, automation and capabilities for applying QoS, ACLs, bandwidth rate limiting, and counters and statistics to virtual machines, all in a dynamic and highly virtualized environment.

"Extreme Networks XNV VM Lifecycle Management increases the visibility and control of virtualized assets throughout the network," said Don Douglas, President of CityNAP, a company providing colocation, hosting and Tier 1 Internet peering. "Increasing the scale of our customers' VMWare environments will ultimately require more dynamic VM management and higher levels of integration with the data center network. Features such as VM tracking, location and a real-time inventory of VMs across the network helps reduce configuration errors, improve security, and reduce the time spent troubleshooting."

"The network's capability to extend visibility and dynamic control of VMs as they proliferate throughout the data center is critical to operational efficiency and security," said Shehzad Merchant, senior director of strategy for Extreme Networks. "With XNV, Extreme Networks addresses these critical management and security challenges, while remaining committed to supporting heterogeneous virtualization environments."

Extreme Networks XNV delivers complete lifecycle management capabilities, keeping the network in control as VMs move from their creation point to their end-of-life. Visibility is enhanced with added functionality providing detailed history, tracking and reporting of VMs as they dynamically move throughout the data center.

Control and Security for Virtualized Data Centers Key to Extreme Networks XNV is the adoption of Virtual Port Profiles (VPPs) that dynamically couple network-level profiles to VMs as they are created and move throughout the network. XNV also extends mature network security capabilities to the individual virtual machine level.

In addition, XNV delivers a powerful, centralized network-level inventory of all VMs, displaying their current locations within the network, down to the individual switch and port level, along with their roaming history for security, audit and compliance purposes. Through XNV, functionality such as time of day and network usage triggers and reporting, enhances security and performance in virtualized environments.

Operational Efficiency Data center management teams are concerned with the costs and time associated with operating and maintaining their network and virtualization platforms. Extreme Networks XNV significantly improves operational efficiency and helps reduce costs for customers by reducing configuration errors, enabling automation, and providing faster troubleshooting through integration with server virtualization technologies. Additionally, these attributes, in turn, reduce application downtime and improve service response times.

Extreme XNV is a significant component of Extreme Networks Four Pillar strategy addressing the evolution of the data center, a strategy that enables networks to migrate from physical to virtual to cloud network environments. Extreme Networks integrates virtualization with the network by leveraging its single modular OS, ExtremeXOS, and comprehensive automation and customization capabilities, along with EPICenter, its network management platform.

Pricing and Availability: Extreme Networks XNV software modules have a targeted release of the third quarter with a beginning list US price of $3,000 for 20 nodes.

Published Monday, April 19, 2010 5:51 AM by David Marshall
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