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Hyper9 Releases Latest Version of Virtual Environment Optimization Solution

In today's dynamic data center, virtual elements and relationships are in a constant state of flux, making it difficult to capture and rationalize management data into actionable business insights. To address this problem, Hyper9, Inc., the enterprise-class virtualization management company, today announced the latest release of its Virtual Environment Optimization (VEO) solution to give organizations better line of sight into the virtual infrastructure and how critical capacity and performance issues impact business operations.

"Virtualization has penetrated the enterprise faster and deeper than ever expected, quickly evolving from an R&D experiment to a business strategy," said Rachel Chalmers, Research Director, Infrastructure Management at The 451 Group. "Where organizations were once focused on cost savings and production readiness, virtualization initiatives now center on delivering greater agility and service assurance in support of virtualized applications. Hyper9 provides the context organizations need to business-enable their virtualization investments."

Hyper9 VEO combines physical, virtual and logical management capabilities that bridge the gap between disparate technology domains and disciplines, and provide better understanding, forecasting and management of virtual environment operations. New features in this latest release include:

  • Personalized widget-based dashboards - provide integrated alerting, trending, capacity planning; offer drag and drop customization such as by discipline and role.
  • Application-aware capacity/performance visualization - projects when resources will run out (CPU, memory, shared storage), how many more workloads can be added, shortage forecasts and performance hot spots.
  • Storage I/O analysis - gives visibility into storage bottlenecks; provides detailed storage metrics such as latency, throughput, IOPS (input/output operations per second) across all storage types including FC, iSCSI and NFS.
  • Application service support - provides application tagging and dependency mapping to the virtual infrastructure, impact analysis and service modeling.

"Virtualization has broken many of the traditional management processes associated with static, physical IT environments," said Bill Kennedy, CEO of Hyper9. "Too often IT administrators won't know there's a problem until they hear about it from an end-user. That's because native virtualization management tools don't provide the cross-domain visibility required to support dynamic data center operations. Hyper9 helps IT anticipate problems before they occur, and focus performance and capacity planning efforts on the areas of greatest impact to the business."

Hyper9's discovery-based technology platform has been proven to deliver near-immediate ROI, helping organizations transition IT from a cost center to a value center. Recent examples include:

  • A Fortune 500 electronic company had no way to track VM ownership or determine stale virtual machines - a precursor to VM sprawl. Hyper9 determined that 13 percent of several thousand virtual machines were not being used, enabling the company to delay purchase of eight 8-processor host servers for at total of $272,000 in savings.
  • A Fortune 500 retail chain faced significant challenges tracking abandoned VM snapshots that were consuming storage. In less than an hour, Hyper9 identified 12 Terabytes of orphaned files, resulting in $180,000 of reclaimable space.

"There's an old adage that you can't trust what you can't manage, and you can't manage what you can't see," continued Kennedy. "VEO is all about providing transparency and restoring line of sight to the business - up and down the stack, across time and environments, and on a mass scale up to tens of thousands of objects. Once you have that kind of visibility, you can trust your virtual environment as a strategic business asset instead of a potentially costly liability."

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