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Wyse and Citrix Joint Desktop Virtualization Deployments Highlight Optimized Simplicity, Security, ROI and User Experience

Wyse Technology, the global leader in thin computing and desktop virtualization, today announced continuing customer momentum of the adoption of Wyse thin clients and software alongside software solutions from Citrix. Wyse is currently exhibiting their line of thin clients and virtualization software as a platinum sponsor at Citrix Summit & Synergy™ in San Francisco, at Booth #206.

"All the numbers continue to support ESG’s initial impression that desktop virtualization will continue to grow and mature, and that the promise of reliable and mature hardware and software solutions is already being realized by customers," according to Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "The team at Wyse has put together a broad offering of hardware and software solutions to meet the needs of this rapidly expanding market. Desktop virtualization will demand all the flexibility of PC computing – from mobile to desktops to laptops and everything in between – and Wyse is delivering with a wide array of solutions to match customer requirements."

"For all the attention focused on the worlds of virtualization, cloud computing and Green IT of late, not nearly enough credit has been given to the companies that made an early bet on combined virtualization solutions from Citrix and Wyse," according to Ricardo Antuna, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Business Development & Alliances at Wyse. "As these technologies move from pilots and early implementations to the mainstream, Citrix Synergy is the perfect venue to shine the spotlight on those organizations that have simplified their IT infrastructure and seen the benefits of virtualization."

"Again and again, our customers are seeing the benefits of Citrix desktop virtualization solutions combined with Wyse thin computing products," according to Sumit Dhawan, vice president of product marketing, XenDesktop product group, Citrix Systems. "Our two companies have spent a great deal of time together side by side helping to make desktop virtualization solutions ready for mainstream adoption and it's gratifying to see such ongoing success."

As the virtualization industry matures – both at the desktop and the data center – end user experience and IT usage of virtualized devices are becoming far more simplified. The healthcare industry, in particularly, has benefitted from the simplicity offered through VDI. Patient privacy goes hand in hand with regulations and compliance to create a computing infrastructure where the PC has become a liability. VDI has simplified computing in healthcare IT. The following are just a small sample of companies combining Wyse and Citrix for successful implementations.

"We are extremely focused on delivering quality patient service and feel that our technology infrastructure with Wyse virtual desktops combined with Citrix XenApp has allowed UNM to improve the patient experience. With right around 1,000 Wyse virtual desktops in place throughout our facility, doctors, nurses and administrators all have real-time, secure access to patient medical records. Information access can be a real hurdle in the healthcare industry, but our computing infrastructure from Wyse and Citrix has allowed our IT services to be a strategic asset to UNM."

Mike Campbell, Director PC Systems & Support, Information Technology
University of New Mexico Hospitals, Albuquerque, NM

"Our organization is spread across 12 different locations and PC support was a real challenge for us. Since we've made the move to Wyse thin clients with Citrix XenDesktop we've significantly simplified our computing systems. We now have a single image across all locations, resulting in more control, lower maintenance costs, and greater reliability. While our students are pleased that there's no computer downtown at our labs, our IT team is even happier with the simplicity and reliability of the Wyse/Citrix combination."

Kamran Mokhtari, Chief Information Officer
International Education Corporation

Enhanced security has been one of the top reasons that companies are adopting virtual desktops. Not only are devices inherently more secure because of fewer applications dispersed at the desktop, but the loss or theft of a virtual desktop has no security implications to an organization because no data is stored locally, as these customers have seen:

"Patton State Hospital is a major forensic mental hospital operated by the California Department of Mental Health. Our hospital currently provides psychiatric care for individuals who have been committed by the judicial system for treatment. Our team has partnered with Wyse for over 10 years and uses Wyse Device Manager software to manage more than 1,000 Wyse thin clients accessing their data center via Citrix XenApp. This provides us with an unprecedented level of security, which is critically important because of our bridge between health and judicial systems. The combination of Citrix and Wyse gives us all of the upside of PC computing, without any of the management and security headaches."

Ziggy Czaja, Staff Information Systems Analyst
Patton State Hospital, California Dept. of Mental Health

Particularly in a tough economy such as this one, companies are hesitant to move ahead with widespread virtualization implementations in the absence of quantifiable ROI. This is an area where Wyse has shined. Even apart from the fact that energy savings alone delivers long-term customer ROI, many companies have seen successful returns on their Wyse/Citrix investment.

"Our virtualization implementation was critical for us to lower costs while improving service. Amerisure IT now runs like a utility, particularly in the way that our computing infrastructure is now part of the business fabric, like heat or electricity. I know I've done my job right when our people don't think about the technical infrastructure. It's just always there, and it always works. I had an idea our virtualization plans would be good, but I had no idea it would be this good."

Jack Wilson, Enterprise Architect
Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company

"We have a very important mission at LLS to find cures for blood cancer patients and the last thing we want to get in the way of that mission is the quality of our IT systems delivery. Wyse provides us with a broad array of state-of-the-art technology to meet our needs. Between having devices at our corporate headquarters in Mamaroneck, NY as well as at our 90+ field offices across the U.S. & Canada, we feel we are in very good hands with the combination of Wyse and Citrix. We are running the latest Citrix XenApp out of our corporate datacenter, and have recently deployed new state-of-the-art Wyse R90LW devices to our fundraising chapters around the United States & Canada to connect back to their Citrix business applications. Based on this new powerful combination, we expect to improve staff productivity and save on average of 10-20% of staff time through the course of this initiative, which is a huge cost savings for the organization overall."

Jeff Como, CIO
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

"With Wyse Viance thin clients, customers get the responsiveness they demand, employees get the computing capabilities they need, and IT gets out of the business of managing PCs. We can forget about end user devices, and focus instead on building a state-of-the-art virtual infrastructure that will enable Centene to deploy innovative new technologies that put us in a class of our own."

Keith Bernier, Senior Director of Infrastructure Services,
Centene Corporation

In addition to all this momentum with customers, the channel is benefitting from the maturity of Wyse and Citrix product offerings. "The growth of desktop virtualization has spurred DynTek's business of late, even in spite of a difficult economic environment," according to Steve Struthers, CTO of DynTek Services Inc. "The maturity of solutions from companies such as Citrix and Wyse has made it easier for us to package and deliver the kinds of solutions that our customers are clamoring for. Combining Citrix and Wyse, we can emulate the desktop high-def user experience while centralizing management, reducing costs and being more environmentally friendly."

Published Tuesday, May 11, 2010 5:04 AM by David Marshall
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