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By now, everyone is familiar with the “wait and see” attitude the powers-that-be are taking toward Cloud Computing, particularly the Public Cloud.

Certainly, the concerns of Security, Availability and Portability still loom large, as well as the lack of SLA guarantees are causing CIOs to pay lip service by re-dubbing their Virtualized Data Centers “Private Clouds” and placating the other C-level execs by adopting “Cloud” without really doing anything new.

This sort of mirrors the early attitudes toward server virtualization. The “not ready for prime time” attitude caused server virtualization to be relegated first to “Test and Development”, and then “Quality Assurance.” It was not until Server Virtualization proved itself in these areas for many years that significant enough confidence was gained to adopt the technology for the all-important “Production” environments.

Certainly, the fearless early-adopters who took the risks and pulled the trigger early benefited, not only by reducing their infrastructure costs a few years ahead of their competitors, but also gained valuable experience, trained personnel, and solidified relationship s with their virtualization vendors.

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Published Wednesday, May 26, 2010 6:02 PM by David Marshall
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Emil at Cloudshare - (Author's Link) - May 27, 2010 12:43 PM

I'm a marketing intern at Cloudshare, and one thing I've seen that perhaps is holding up the field's growth into the mainstream perhaps is the difficulty of adoption.  In a way, it almost seems like there needs to be some kind of "gateway" application or tool that maybe doesn't have the full-blown features of an advanced cloud, but can at least show the advantages.

I know that's that the Pro version of Cloudshare's application can be.  We've received several tweets in the past month from trial users who've found the application simple to set up and use on a small scale, and hopefully that helps people get started down the road to being immersed in Cloud computing.

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